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No Alcohol Allowed!


One of my most routine “awkward moments” occurs frequently when I’m out with friends, especially new friends.  We’re all gathered around a table at our favorite watering hole and the server comes over to get drink orders.  Folks take turns ordering cool sounding drinks like Irish Car Bomb, Flirtini, and Mojito.  So, when it gets to me, I utter the dreaded single word.  Coke.  Right then, in my mind, the music stops, all conversation ceases, and every eye in the place turns to me.  Of course, it doesn’t, but it sure feels like it does.  I feel like I’m the only middle aged chick in the world who doesn’t drink alcohol.

Now some say that they don’t drink, but they really mean that they only drink occasionally.  Or that they only drink wine.  Or only when on vacation.  That’s not me.  I don’t drink.  Period.  Not beer or wine or coolers or champagne or fruity concoctions with colorful umbrellas in them.  Not on New Years Eve or my birthday.  I don’t even plan to drink on that day when I learn that I hit the lottery.  I just don’t drink.

So, when Uncle Julio’s debuted a new non-alcoholic drink menu this week, I probably got more excited than most folks over 21.  And, I probably should be ashamed, but I’m not.  Let’s hear it for the new arrivals:

sweet cherry and tart lime sparkle together in this refreshingly fruity drink

a hand-shaken blend of lemonade and Julio’s fresh mango passion fruit puree for a tropical twist

Tea: real raspberries bring natural sweetness to Julio’s freshly brewed tea

Palmer: a refreshing blend of lemonade, freshly brewed tea and real raspberries

a hand-shaken blend of real strawberries, guava nectar and lemonade

These new non-alcoholic beverages  are all handcrafted and made with real fruit. These new offerings are perfect for the spring and summer months when the weather is warmer and guests are looking for a more refreshing beverage. Each of the following drinks are priced at $3.75 apiece, with refills for only $1.

Let me know when you want to visit Uncle Julio’s in Boca.  I’ll meet you there and order one of these in a VERY LOUD voice.  HA!

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One Response to “No Alcohol Allowed!”

  1. Adriene says:

    Yummmm! Now if you can find some sugar-free ones, I will be set.

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