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Switching with Lindsay Phillips


I remember the first time that I saw a display of Lindsay Phillips products.  A few years ago, I was attending a function of some sort at the Loews Miami Beach hotel and had run out of batteries for my voice recorder.  I dashed into the hotel gift shop in search of a pack of batteries.  Over in the corner was a floor display of Switch Flops.  I was IMMEDIATELY taken by the concept–flip flops with interchangeable straps and immediately smitten.  It was one of those “HEY, why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  I never did get the batteries.

Fast forward a few years, and my postman delivers a package from Lindsay Phillips.  Could it be?  Could it?  Why YES!  It was the same Lindsay Phillips company.  They sent me a gorgeous pair of sandals from the new Spring collection.  But these weren’t Switch Flops.  These were Snap Shoes, called the Gwen.  Instead of replacing the entire strap, I simply replace the embellishment on the front of the flop.  Me likey!

I had an idea.  The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival was coming up and I would wear them to the Grand Tasting.  After all, it would be on the beach and would make for WONDERFUL pictures!  I tried them on, I pranced around the house and I snapped and unsnapped.  And snapped again.  And unsnapped.  WAY COOL!  Oh, by they way, I also got a scarf from Lindsay Phillips–I didn’t even know that they made scarves.  This one is called the Miramar and I absolutely adored it.  Here’s how I kind of imagined my SOBEWFF outfit:

Gwen Wedge and Miramar Scarf

Well, let’s just say that it didn’t quite work out to the way I planned.  While I DID totally rock the GWEN sandal, I also totally forgot to take pictures of them until the late evening.  No bueno.  By then, walking all day on the South Beach sand had made my feet look like I’d been kicking sacks of flour all day.  NO PICTURES!  But, please just KNOW that I was cute–evenif it was in my own mind.  LOL

The 1 inch wedge heel was perfect for a day on the Beach and the tapered strap with the shiny snap dressed it up just enough.  I always worry that the thong type sandals are going to hurt the space between my toes, but there was nothing to worry about this time.  They were comfy for the entire time!  I’m actually going on another fun outing tomorrow–I’m planning to wear them again–WITH the scarf, too!  I PROMISE that they’ll be pictures this time!

Disclosure:  I was provided product samples to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own!

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3 Responses to “Switching with Lindsay Phillips”

  1. Tamiko McCurry says:

    duh.. the links above.. pay me no mind! lol

  2. Tamiko McCurry says:

    I don’t even like flip flops, bc I don’t like my feet.. lol But I love this concept and I have to find me some!! I hope she has a purple strap!! I just love this!! Should make some for lil girls too.. Wow!! too cute!! Let me google her now!!

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