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An Unexpected Package

the help lashes

Last Friday, just as I returned home from an errand, Fedex drives up.  I was still in the driveway.  I wasn’t expecting anything, but I’m always thrilled to get a package.  The guy jumped out and handed me a padded envelope, addressed to me.  I glance over at the return address–Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.  Oh.  A movie to review.  Fine.

I’m still standing in the yard.  I tear open the envelope and slid out the contents.  A copy of The Help on DVD, a gorgeous set of MAC eyelashes, and a handwritten note.   Now, you might think that that’s an odd combination–a DVD and a set of lashes, but I didn’t.  I involuntarily started to scream, even before I read the note.  I knew.  I KNEW.  I knew who the package came from and why they sent it.

The package was sent from Stacey Snider, partner at DreamWorks Studios (along with Steven Spielberg), as well as its Co-Chairman and CEO.  In other words, Stacey Snider is a BIG DEAL in Hollywood.

So, why is a high powered Tinsel Town executive sending me lashes?  Well, last year, I had the opportunity to see a screening of The Help at DreamWorks Studios, in their private theater.  And I sobbed throughout the entire film.  So much so, that my gorgeous individual lashes that I had applied before the trip, ended up in my tissues.  And when the lights finally came out, I looked a hot mess.  But, so did everyone else in the group.  Then, Stacey, who was instrumental in bringing The Help to the big screen, asked what we thought of the movie, I spoke up.  I said plainly, “So?  What are you plans for Oscar Night?”  followed a half second later by, “You owe me a set of lashes, I’ve cried all of mine off.”  Everyone laughed, including her and she said, “Don’t you worry about the lashes, girlfriend.  I will SEND you some more.

So, months later, when the package yielded The Help and the lashes, I knew.  Stacey was making good on her promise.  And here’s what the handwritten note said–

Dear Jewel,

Sorry for the delay but we did not forget we owed you eyelashes and a big Thank You for your support on The Help.  You were there from the start and we appreciate it!

I die.  And I cry.

Now, here’s my dilemma–Do I wear the lashes and send her pics of me in them?  Or do I put them away and never touch them with the naked hand?  I’ve had them on my desk for a week.  Everytime I look at them, I smile to myself.

I’d always admired Stacey for her career achievements.  I love her even more now.

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10 Responses to “An Unexpected Package”

  1. Adriene says:

    I say definitely wear the lashes! Take the picture, send Stacie a copy and enjoy them. It is wonderful to know you meet people that meet thousands of other people and you make a memorable impact on them. You are such a jewel. Wow, how fitting!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Wear the lashes and take two pictures. Send one to her and keep one and the note with your other keepsakes.


    What a great story! There are real people in Hollywood!

  4. BlitzAndGlam says:

    That is a great story! I love it!

  5. Shasta says:

    Wear them girl! Then make sure you don’t watch any tear-jerkers lol!

  6. Stefanie says:

    WearU the lashes!

  7. Leanne says:

    Love this! I probably wouldn’t open them – I would be the creepy girl with 30 year old eyelashes on my desk. And I wouldn’t feel a bit bad about it.

  8. Jen says:

    Now that’s a nice touch!

  9. Connie says:

    Awe, that’s so sweet! Stacie was a class act for sure! Congrats on the new lashes hon!

  10. brett says:

    omg! i have chills!! she was such an amazing presence in that room and i had a feeling she’d follow through- woo hoo!! i’m glad she did.

    wear them. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. wear them and be FAB :o)

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