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Announcing: Chevy Cupcake Crawl, Part Deux: The Broward Edition


Last summer, I hosted Chevy Cupcake Crawl in Miami.  We had an absolute blast!  And actually, how could we have NOT had a blast–driving around in brand new Chevy automobiles, stopping at 5 different cupcake spots around Miami.  Each of the bakeries totally WOW’d us and many of us didn’t want to see another cupcake forever.

However, time has passed and I’m craving cupcakes again.  Sooooooo, next Saturday, March 26th, I will be hosting Chevy Cupcake Crawl, Part Deux:  The Broward Edition.   We will take Broward by storm!  I can take ONLY 17 people with me.  Participants must be at least 21 years old, be available all day on March 26th, agree to have your picture (and/or video) taken and posted during the event and LOVE cupcakes.  Simple, right?

Do you want in?  Here’s what you need to do–

Leave a comment on this blog post OR tweet me using the hashtag #ChevyCupcakeCrawl, telling me why you should be selected.

Winners will be notified on Tuesday, March 22nd and will have until Thurs, March 24th to confirm.  Let the cupcakery begin!!!

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16 Responses to “Announcing: Chevy Cupcake Crawl, Part Deux: The Broward Edition”

  1. Dharra Benjamin says:

    They don’t call me Brown Suga for nothing !!!! I used to drive a Chevy Aveo and I love cup cakes!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    Ooh, what fun! I love cupcakes. Pick me, pick me, pick me!
    I can blog, tweet and FB about the event. Also, it would be great to meet you and the other awesome chevycrawl peeps.

  3. Claudia C says:

    Full disclosure, I got picked for my first crawl last weekend (with pizza). And while I love pizza and Chevys, had I known about this one, I may have tried to skip it in order to save for cupcakes. As someone who lived in NYC for 10 years, OBSESSED doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about cupcakes. And ever since moving down a year and a half ago, I feel like I have yet to find a great cupcake place in SoFla. And the fact that you’ll be in my backyard of Broward makes it all the more convenient. So, I won’t beg, but ask that you please consider me. It would make my 2011.

  4. I am a baker and cook who looooves to try new cupcake recipes or delicious cupcake icing and batter :)

    Marketing professional who can promote the #chevycupcakecrawl as well :)

    @jackiej04 – looking forward to it if chosen. I’m in Broward, too.

  5. Bridgette Graves says:

    Hey sista Jewel :) – I’ll be down in Miami this week to see my fab daughter showcase her menswear @ MIU’s Fashion Show, Style 2011! It’s a very special time for us! NOW this is the icing on the cupcake: Traveling 2 Miami, cheering on my baby gurl & eating cupcakes my Fab sista “Jewel” and…telling everyone in the DMV…I’ve experienced the Chevy Cupcake Crawl, Part Deux: The Broward Edition & now I know how it feels to live the Fab Life!!! YUMMY!

  6. I was unable to tweet with just one message, so I left you a few. I’m sure you won’t mind. Seeing your name, or well, category in bright lights will probably light up your face.

    I pretty much said I’m NEVER off on the weekends, but wanting to do something totally exciting on a day off. This came across my page as I was tagged in a post. I can help you promote it through TW, LI, and FB, if you want and I’ll be happy to post your videos /pix on my wall too (and while the event is taking place) – afterall, I’m in ‘social media.’


  7. It is those more buy celexa no script health the that.
    Iris Gomez says:

    I’m obsessed with cupcakes, anything hosted by you will be fabulous, never have driven a chevy.

  8. I wish I was in FL, I’d be so down for this! You need to take it to other cities. Are you going to SheCon, I’ll be down in May for that one. ;-)

  9. tisha says:

    Not only do I love cupcakes, I make them, have a website dedicated to cupcakes and a small business of you guessed it…CUPCAKES! I even auditioned for Cupcake Wars. Pick me ;)!

  10. Angel Clark says:

    I would love to do this….I can then post it all over my FB site and tweet in route. LOL… I love cupcakes too….still trying to get a grip on all of the great places around to visit too! Hopefully I’m chosen it would be awesome!

  11. Not only do I love a good sugar rush, but I will photograph and videotape the event.

  12. Love cupcakes, and would like to be there to stop Jamila from eating all the cupcakes up! LOL!

  13. Hello Fabulous Ms. Jewel,

    My wife mentioned cupcakes and Chevy, and I knew I’d be there. Please hold a spot for me! I’ll leave our daughter with a sitter and take a Daddy’s Day Out.

  14. Leah Shackleford says:

    I eat, sleep BREATHE cupcakes! I can’t stop thinking about them! I’m a super fan of Food Network’s CUPCAKE WARS as well!! I will literally drive far just to buy a delicious cupcake. In fact, I’m going to go get one noooowww! LOL Choose me!

  15. Zakiya W says:

    Hey Jewel, hope all is well with you honey. BTW Love the blog. I have one of my own. But anyway, when I saw the words cupcake on my FB wall I was locked in. What’s this I read, cupcake crawl? I so wanna be down LOL! Sounds like an amazing event not to mention the cupcakes. Hopefully I can be one of the 17, if not drop me a note on the happs for next year :-)
    <3 ya Miss Ya

  16. I’m a cupcake addict and need my fix! I’m also a cupcake aficionado!

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