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Be Yourself with Motions

jamaica I remember when my kids were young. They did exactly as they were told (sometimes) and everything was MY WAY. Then they got older and became adults. Now they do things THEIR way. And, I love it!  Everyone should be able to express their true selves.

One of the things I’ve stressed to them (and others around me) is to be yourself. Don’t be a follower, but rather a leader. Have your own identity. It’s because everyone is different–from skin color, to stature and build, to hair.

Very few hair products can support a wide range of hair textures. Motions is one such line. They’ll keep your hair looking (and feeling) strong and beautiful. And, when you feel strong and beautiful, it allows you to do things YOUR WAY. Even the way you wear your hair can be YOUR WAY.

Check out my celebrity hair stylist, Ursula Stephen. as she shows us a new way to rock your bob–doesn’t matter if you have natural or relaxed hair.

If you’re eager to try out these looks for yourself, Walgreens has a special deal on Motions products in September. Kits are 25% off and select Motions products are on sale for only $3.49!

This is a sponsored post for Motions through The bLink Marketing Network and Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own.

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