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Bimini Day Trip in Pictures

Disclosure:  I was a guest of Resorts World Bimini.  They provided the trip, meals, and activities.  All opinions are my own.

Port Everglades Port Everglades

For more than a year, Resorts World Bimini has been providing daily cruises to Bimini, Bahamas from Port of Miami.  A few weeks ago, they started doing the same trip from Port Everglades.  I was lucky enough to be on the Inaugural Sailing out of Fort Lauderdale.  What a spectacular day it was!  Resorts World provided a wonderful experience for me and the rest of the passengers.

After an early morning sendoff ceremony at Port Everglades, we were boarded and headed to our cabins to drop off our belongings before grabbing breakfast and exploring the ship.  (QUICK TIP:  Spring for the additional cost to use the cabin for the cruise to and fro.  A hot shower and a quick change after a day on the beach will make it well worth it.) There are 6 restaurants and bars on board, serving everything from full gourmet meals, to burgers and fries, to cocktails.


The trip over was great.  The time went by so quickly.  I spent most of it on Deck 10 where I enjoyed the views AND the live entertainment.  And, just like on any other cruise ship, there were fun interactive games, hosted by the crew.  Others gambled in the on board casino.


The disembarkment process was smooth and easy.  We were loaded unto trams for a short ride over to the Beach Club.


Once at the Beach Club, the crowd quickly dispersed.  Some were interested in lunch, but most headed straight to the beautiful water–swimming, playing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more!


I certainly did my share of both, but I was also VERY interested in the hotel being built.  It opens in early 2015, just a few months away, and I believe that it will be a game changer.  I was able to see one of the hotel room models.  In this picture, I’m standing in the bathroom, looking into the bedroom.  Yes, there is glass on BOTH sides.  You may be able to make out the privacy blinds, in case exhibitionism isn’t your thing.  LOL


Here are some renderings of the hotel, it looks amazing, huh?

Bimini_Resorts_1stfloor_Print01 Rooftop Pool

I spent a few (JUST A FEW) bucks in the nearby casino, as well.  When the hotel is finished, it will be connected to the casino.


After an exhausting day, we headed back to the ship.  Dinner and nap took up most of the trip home.  I had a WONDERFUL time.  In fact, I’m headed back in just a few weeks! For information on how YOU can take this trip, visit the site.  The pricing is AMAZING–starting at less than $50 per person!

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2 Responses to “Bimini Day Trip in Pictures”

  1. That hotel looks like it’s going to be amazing! Let me add Bimini to my list of places I must visit.

  2. Adriene says:

    I can’t wait to do this on my soon to come visit. Hopefully I will find you and you show me the ropes!

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