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Blogger Beauty Master Class at Bloomingdale’s

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Makeup.  Cosmetics.  Face paint.  I’ve always admired it on others, but never quite learned to do it myself.  As a young chick, my beauty/makeup routine consisted of eyeliner and lip gloss.  It took me about 20 seconds to “finish my face.”  However, time has taken it’s toll (sigh), and these days, MUCH MORE is required.  But, perhaps because I’m already a late starter, I’m simply NOT good at it.  First of all, I don’t have the patience for it.  Second, I don’t have the budget for it.  Third, it’s just NOT that serious for me.  But, it’s still interesting when I get to dabble in it.

My besties at Bloomingdale’s invited me to a private, bloggers-only master class with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  And actually, when I got the email it sounded like a good idea.  But then, when the event date popped up (last week), I was so not interested in dabbling.  But, I had committed to it, so I headed on over to Aventura.  But, it was so not what I expected.  I arrived thinking that the Bobbi Brown “Master of Artistry,” Rogelio Reyna, would stand at the front of the room, demonstrating and explaining–while I was at the back of the room, playing on my phone, not paying attention, and nodding at the appropriate times.  How wrong I was!

Imagine my face when the room was full of individual stations, where the bloggers would follow his instruction and do their own faces.  Umm..No.  I’m not good at it, I don’t want to do it.  I’m not going to do it.  In fact, in perfect Diva mode, I announced it to the room–“Umm…’scuse me, guys…I won’t be doing this.”  I didn’t even wait for their responses, but rather headed to the refreshment table.  THE QUEEN HAS SPOKEN.  Unfortunately, Rogelio must have dealt with my kind before, because he wasn’t rattled in the least.  In fact, he just kind of dismissed me–shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fine, Dahling..”

Well, THAT didn’t work the way I planned either.  After I announced that I wasn’t doing it, he was SUPPOSED to give me all the reasons why I should, and when I continued to protest, he was supposed to say that I could be the model.  THAT way, I’d come out with a perfect face and wouldn’t have to do the work.  Apparently, HE didn’t read the script, because he carried on with HIS plan.  (sidenote:  He REALLY should be a blogger; he has such strong will.)  He taught me Bobbi Brown’s 10 Step Beauty Program! Here it is..

So, to make an already long post shorter, I listened, I learned, and I did it–everything.  From concealer/corrector to foundation to bronzer to blush to eye shadow and lipgloss.  I applied my own makeup and didn’t end up looking like Bozo.  And, though I would NEVER tell him, it was FUN and informative.  Here’s what I learned:

  • The Bobbi Brown philosophy is that the process should be EASY and dictated by MY lifestyle.  If I don’t wear lipstick, preferring instead to wear gloss, then gloss it is.
  • My makeup doesn’t have to match my clothing.  My face should have a timeless look–no matter what color I’m wearing.
  • Concealer and corrector is the secret of the universe.
  • I should look like myself, but better.

Anywho, here’s the finished product.  And again, I DID IT MYSELF!  WOOT!

Here’s the best part–You can meet him!  Rogelio will be at the Bobbi Brown counter at Bloomingdale’s Aventura Mall this Saturday, 8/11 from 11:30-5.  I’m sure that I’ll pass through.  Let me know what time you’re going and I’ll meet you there!

Disclosure:  I attended this event as an invited guest.  I was gifted a VERY nice giftset of Bobbi Brown products (that I haven’t opened).  All opinions are my own.

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2 Responses to “Blogger Beauty Master Class at Bloomingdale’s”

  1. rogelio reyna says:

    my gorgeous Diva!! you were definitely the only true DIVA….! i’m so happy you had a great time….. (you were the little engine…i think i can..i think i can….!)….i had an amazing time….and you were definitely gorgeous…w/ no makeup…but now, you are Pretty Powerful!!!! xo (can’t wait for our next encounter…!) besos! R

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love it! Your makeup looks Gorge!!!

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