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Cheese Culture: A Whey of Life


Earlier this week, I was attended a media event at brand new spot on Las Olas, called Cheese Culture. It’s a unique little cafe and retail shop that specializes in international and domestic artisan cheeses. But that’s not all.  They also have boutique wine, craft beer, charcuterie, and fresh foods.  And, on top of all that, they offer classes on all things cheese–including cheese and wine pairings, cheese and beer pairing and even Cheese 101, for beginners.  LOL

I already know that this will become one of my favorite spots.  How do I know?  Well, the shop owner, Susan Phipps (and her husband, Mitch), is simply delightful. I stayed long past the event was over, captivated by them.  Brand new besties in the works.  Also, the next time I’m looking for a unique gift, this will DEFINITELY be the place.  They sell all kinds of “cheese tools” for the person that has everything.  I mean, really, where else could you buy honey that is specifically meant to pair with cheese? And pair it with a cheeseboard and cutting tools?  Finish it off with olives, oils, spreads, fruit and chutney? And have it all done up in a gift basket?

And the cheese?  Here are some that I tasted–

  • Fontina Val D’Aosta–made in Aosta, Italy from raw cow’s milk.  Massively nutty, fruity, earthy, strong and musty.  Herbal, floral, wholly unique
  • Great Hill Blue–made in Marion, Massachusetts from raw cow’s milk.  Creamy, sweet, chunky, balanced.
  • French Raclette–made in Rhone-Alpes, France from raw cow’s milk.  Brine-washed, deep, fruity, pungent, musty.  The Magnificent Melt.
  • Rochetta–made in Piemonte, Italy from cow, goat, and sheep’s milk.  Sweet, grassy, slightly gamy, dense core, runny under rind straw & hay, lemony.

Please know that I ate sooo much cheese, and so many of the most tasty breads, crackers, fruits, and the such.  I am a cheese lover and this is surely my kind of place.

And, the BEST part of the evening was when Mitch found out that my birthday was the next day.  He quickly made up the richest, most heavenly dessert that I’ve ever had.  It was a nice bit of chocolate, paired with fresh strawberries.  Who knew that the “chocolate” wasn’t candy, but rather chocolate goat cheese?????  WHOA!  But, I have to admit–IT WAS DELISH!  And he even sang the funniest birthday song to me that I’ve ever heard.

Cheese Culture will host its grand opening next week.  Trust me, this is a MUST-SEE!

Disclosure:  I was invited to preview Cheese Culture as a member of the media.  I was also gifted a cute little cheese board and tool set.  The opinions are all mine.

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