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ChevyUnivTour: Day 2


On Day Two, the day started early again.  We were anxious to see Clemson in the daylight.  After checking to see where our tour started, we headed to the Vistor’s Center.  There was no parking for our Tahoe.  I found a timed meter, put a few coins in, and went inside.  We met a very nice chick from nearby South Carolina who worked in the Center.  She chatted and I was really impressed with how poised she was.  She and Jessica took a picture together.

Since we were about an hour early for the tour, she advised us to go down to the campus’ “Main Street” and grab a bite.  Main Street was quite interesting.  It’s set up like a small town’s main drag would be.  Many of the buildings have been there more than one hundred years.  There are shops, restaurants, bars, banks, real estate agencies, etc.  The only thing open so early was Clemson Kabobs.  It wasn’t impressed with the looks of it, but the food was excellent, as well as the service.

After breakfast, we headed back to the Vistor’s Center.  Each college had a table set up in the Center with faculty and students.  Jessica chatted with a chick  in the Business school.  Then we all moved into a huge conference room where Admissions staff spoke about the University.   I got to meet @BeAClemsonTiger, who turned out to be a real cool chick!

The tour began and our guide, Russ, was a beast!  I had to nearly run to keep up with him, but even so, I was nearly always bringing up the rear–by the time I caught up to the group, Russ was already off again.  I did get to snap a few pics though.

After the tour, Jessica and I found the Financial Aid office; they had sent a request for additional documents last week and we delivered them in person.  Again, the folks there were absolutely sweet.  I have NEVER encountered a nicer group of folks all in one place in my entire life!  Then it was time to hit main street again.  But the sky had darkened.

Not even halfway through, the rain started.  And it poured! I ran from awning to awning and finally made it into Mr Knickerbocker is a spot that can only be experienced.  It was a huge emporium filled with EVERYTHING Clemson.  I mean Clemson steak sauce, Clemson snuggies, Clemson golf tees, Clemson shower curtains, Clemson cake pans, etc.  Anything in the world that you could imagine with a Clemson logo on it, was there.  Good grief–Clemson light switchplates, Clemson playing cards, Clemson gum and mints!  While in there, it rained so hard that I could hardly see across the street.  And then the staff announced a tornado warning, so we stayed put.  We were there about an hour.  Turns out, these folks, like everyone else, were just plain NICE!  Something about that southern hospitality.

Finally, the rain let up, the sun returned and we continued.  I had sushi in 356 Restaurant while Jessica continued to shop.  Main Street shops close at 6pm and we weren’t nearly done, so we headed to Walmart–20 mins away.  After Walmart, I couldn’t resist Sonic, since we don’t have those here in South Florida.  A burger or 3 later, I headed to bed, ready for a long drive the next day.

Thanks again to ChevyUnivTour’s sponsors–Chevy, Onstar, Dunkin Donuts of South Florida, Sweet Tomatoes, and Hot Pink Styling.  Stay tuned for more…

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  1. linda says:

    nice work, ur daughter looks comfortable there..absolutely love the purple chairs, on ur way home stop by & put one in the back of the tahoe for me!

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