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Current Obsession: Wax Tablets

pom wax tablets

My long time readers already know about my obsession with all things Santa Maria Novella.  For you newbies, let me explain.  Santa Maria Novella is one of the world’s oldest pharmacies, dating back to 1221.  There, in Florence  Italy,  Dominican Friars  concocted all sorts of lotions, potions and herbal remedies, which then became famous all over the world.  In the 1600s, they opened to the public.  It is still open to the public and they have the most delightful products–some of my favorites include the Almond Paste that I use faithfully on my forever dry hands.  Its made with sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, egg yolk, virgin beeswax, and glycerin.  I also love the Pollen Cream for my face–made from pollen extracts, Tuscan olive oil and honey.

But, hands down, my very favorite Santa Maria Novella products are the Wax Tablets.  I first saw the Lavender and Rose Wax Tablets in their Bal Harbour Shops location about 3 years ago.  I’ve been obsessed ever since.  I would describe them as being used like a sachet, but in a solid wax form.  You can hang them in your closet or put them in drawers.  Here’s what their product description says:

Lavender and rose oils, lavender blossoms and rose buds are all combined with (from the hives of Santa Maria Novella) for a fresh, romantic scent. 100% organic and natural essential oil is mixed with beeswax from the fertile Tuscan fields and bee farms of Santa Maria Novella. Then, other natural elements are added to the wax while it is in its liquid state. The hot wax is next hand poured into moulds and allowed to harden creating the most beautiful scented wax tablets in the world. The authentic stamp of Santa Maria Novella is on one side of the tablets surrounded by floating natural flowers, herbs and fruits. Too beautiful to be hidden, tablets can be placed in drawers, hung in closets (ribbon is already attached) or simply left out in the open on a tray to freshen and scent the surrounding space. Tablets are completely safe and organic and will not stain clothing or fabrics, however wax will become malleable at very high room temperatures (85+ degrees F) and it is advised to place tablets in drawers with the stamped (smooth) side facing down, or standing up on end. 

lafco santa maria novella rose lavender tablets

Well, now Santa Maria Novella has introduced a new variation of wax tablets–Pomegranate!  Wow..LOVE THEM.  The back side of them has actual pom seeds in them!  They are amazing.  YOU.MUST.TRY.THEM!

In case you aren’t in South Florida, there are Santa Maria Novella boutiques in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and the DC area.  You can also order from them online.  Don’t sleep!

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