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DDRoar: A Birthday Celebration


A few days ago, I was invited on a Safari! Kinda. Sorta. Well, honestly, it wasn’t a REAL safari, but as close to one as I’ll probably ever get. You see this month marks 60th birthday milestones for both Dunkin’ Donuts and Lancelot, a tortoise who lives at Lion Country Safari. In honor of these milestones, Dunkin’ Donuts and Lion Country Safari held a very special program for 3 lucky bloggers and I was excited to be a part of it.

The day started at Dunkin’ Donuts in Lake Worth. We feasted on donuts, flatbread sandwiches, (side note: Did you know that they have delish egg white flatbread breakfast sandwiches that are less than 300 calories???) coffee, coolatas, and more! This particular Dunkin’ Donuts is a huge store and also has a drive-through! They were so busy that I never got the group picture of the staff that I wanted because they were hustling the entire time.  We also got some cool Dunkin’ Donuts swag, including tshirts and koozies.

From there, we arrived at Lion Country Safari, where we knew that we knew that they had planned a big surprise for us, but had no idea what it was. Jennifer Berthume, Lion Country’s PR/Marketing Director, came out to tell us what it was.   She passedout safari hats and binoculars.  And I swear, this chick gets more gorgeous every time that I see her. Anyhow, turns out that the surprise involved the lions! We would get to do something completely out of the ordinary. As you know, Lion Country Safari is 300+ acre wild animal preserve that you drive through a 4 mile path. You are cautioned about the dangers of even rolling down your window and getting out of the car is forbidden. But, for our special treat, not only were we allowed to get out of the car, we were also allowed up in an observation tower, to witness the lions being released for the day. A couple times a year, the lions are treated to paper mache “toys”, some filled with meat, and one of the toys this time was shaped like a huge donut. We waited for a few minutes and we could hear the roaring. There was also an armed keeper on the ground below us, for our safety. I was a little bit scared but I really wanted to see it. Nosiness wins everytime! When the lions were finally released, they ran to the toys and started tearing them open. I was able to get some great photos of the fun.

From there, we went to meet Lancelot, the 800 pound tortoise. He was a bit cranky, but did come out in the sun for a bit to show off. My son fed him a banana while Wildlife Director, Terry Wolf, gave us some background on him. I had never been so close to such a huge animal before. And while we were admiring Lancelot, a tapir wandered over. It was quite exciting. Then Jennifer piled us back in the van and drove us around to see other animals, like zebras, chimps, rhinos, and giraffes. I had such a great time!

There is another celebration being held for the public this Saturday, June 26th. At 11am, Lancelot will celebrate his birthday with a “donut.” Following the celebration, Dunkin’ Donuts will provide donut decorating supplies for children at LCS beginning at noon (while supplies last). Also, until the 30th, anyone who brings in coupons from Lion Country Safari will bring receive six FREE donuts with the purchase of six donuts at the regular half dozen price. In similar fashion, Dunkin’ Donuts will have coupons for $6 off each person touring Lion Country Safari in a vehicle. EXPLORE THE ROAR!!

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