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Doma Polo Bistro opens in downtown Miami


I knew that it would happen one day.  I KNEW that one of these media dinners that I go to would get the best of me.  I just had no idea which restaurant it would be or when.  Well, it finally happened.  Downtown Miami’s newest hot spot, Doma Polo Bistro, BEAT ME down.  Literally.  Beat me.  I pride myself on being a foodie.  I dare executive chefs to bring out another dish.  I eat until the kitchen is empty.  Well, I used to.  I simply could not skin this cat.  Doma Polo brought out more food then even I could eat.  Rather than heckle the chef, I begged him to be done.  No mas.  And, just in case you thought it wasn’t absolutely scrumptious–think again.  YOU need to check out this restaurant.  I’ll even go back with you–here’s the story:

We started out with APPETIZERS.  First, there was Salipon–grilled beef and veggie cold salad in an apple vinegar/olive oil dressing.  I’ve never had anything quite like this, and loved it.  I had no idea that I should have been pacing myself from the very start.  Next was Locro–a combo of pork, beef, grains and squash, stewed slowly and served with country style bread.  This was quite tasty and definitely my favorite amongst the starters.  It reminded me of my Mom’s bean soup.  It would be perfect on a cold, winter night.  The waiter then brought out Picada de Parrila–grilled skirt steak, blood sausage, chorizo, sweetbreads, veal kidneys, and beef/chicken empanadas with chimichurri.  A plate of meat.  Heaven for a carnivore like me.

If I’m going to be completely honest, I was getting a bit full at this point.  But I’m not going to be completely honest, so let’s just say that I was ready to then tackle the ENTREES.  First up was Entrana con Pure Mixto–grilled skirt steak with mixed root veggie puree and salsa criolla.  The steak was grilled to perfection and the puree was something to write home about.  Next was Canoles de Espinaca y 3 Quesos–spinach and 3 cheese cannolis with portobello shrooms and pink bechamal sauce.  Amazing, even for someone like me who would NEVER order a dish without meat.  Next, Pollo Asado–half a Free Range chicken with roasted Veggies.  I died on the first bite and was resurrected with the second.

I would be LYING if I said that I wasn’t done by then.  Last round was DESSERTS, but rather than focus on the menu, I was trying to figure out how to take a nap before driving home.  Good Grief.  First up was Panqueques de Dulce De Leche–classic crepes with caramel and homemade whipped cream.  I took a bite.  That’s it.  It was amazing.  But I was done.  OVERDONE.  Next was Sabayon de Fernet–tiramisu style sabayon with lady fingers layered cake and Coca Cola sauce.  All I can say is–it LOOKED delish.  But I couldn’t cram in another forkful.  Finally.  FINALLY, there was Postre de Ricotta y Frutos del Bosque–mixed berries and ricotta semifredo, wrapped in bread pionono with red fruit coulis.  Again, I have no idea how it tasted.  It was about this time that I dozed off…

Disclosure:  I was an invited guest of Doma Polo for this meal.  It was complimentary, but I ate so much that I probably should have paid them.  All opinions are my own.

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One Response to “Doma Polo Bistro opens in downtown Miami”

  1. BlitzAndGlam says:

    Wow. It all looks delicious and the presentation is great! I’m hungry just looking at it.

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