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Driving the 2012 Ford Fiesta


When Ford asked me to drive the 2012 Fiesta for a week, I was skeptical.  It’s a lot smaller than I’m used to and I had serious reservations about its ability to accelerate unto the highway.  Well, they delivered the car to me right after Labor Day and I drove it for 8 full days.  I was able to experience it under a lot of quite “normal” conditions.  Here’s the skinny–

When it rolled into my driveway for the first time, my initial thought was, “BOY, this is TINY.”  It was a 4 door hatch–the crossover that I usually drive dwarfed it and it was downright diminutive next to the SUV that my husband drives.  But, I was also eager to experience the “up to 40mpg claims that I had read about.  So, if 40mpg means tiny, then I guess I’ll have to go with tiny.  And actually, once I got inside, it really didn’t feel so tiny.  It handled well and I accelerated with no problem when entering the expressways.

One of the first things that I wanted to try was the Ford Sync–to compare it to GM’s Onstar system that I use regularly.  Unfortunately, the Sync in my review car wasn’t activated, so I didn’t get to experience the navigation, but I was able to effortlessly connect my phone to the system via bluetooth.  The entertainment portion worked great–in fact, between the Sirius radio system and the 6 speakers, I totally ROCKED out!

It was way good on gas!  A meter on the dash actually keeps track of how many miles per gallon that you are currently getting and it hovered around 25mph for the week that I had it.  I put 20 dollars worth of gasoline in at one point and it gave me more than half a tank.  One really can’t beat that.

The seating was cloth and had a design that would probably help them not show dirt.  The interior was sparsely appointed–while it had plenty of cupholders and electrical outlets (even a usb port), I found that there was no place for “out of sight” storage, save the glove box. I had to tuck my phone charger and keys in the slot in the door.  One thing that I found completely odd was the location of the button to lock and unlock the doors.  I searched all over the door panel for it, and finally found it–under the radio but over the A/C!  Weird, huh?  And speaking of A/C, it PUT OUT!  I was very pleased with it.

All in all, if I were searching for a car for one of my teenagers, this would be perfect.  But, for me, I need more amenities than the Fiesta offers.  Unless I were looking for a car dedicated to work.  If that were the case, the gas mileage alone would put it in the running.  Thanks, Ford!

Disclosure:  Ford offered me this automobile to drive for a week and give them my thoughts.  All opinions are my own.

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