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EcoArtFashion Week VIP Kickoff Party


Until I got this invitation from my besties at Bloomingdale’s, I had never even heard of EcoArtFashion Week.  While the concept sounded pretty amazing, I thought it would be overrun with folks that my husband calls TreeHuggers.  But, after all, it was Bloomies, and I HAD to support.  I actually dragged my bestie, Vanessa James, over to Aventura Mall with me.  And I was totally blown away with what I found out there.

First of all, there weren’t any TreeHuggers.  Instead, there were cool fashions being displayed.  It was all to express the present state of ethical and sustainable fashion and design.  I was pretty amazed.  My friend Tico was one of the models.  Her dress was part of the “Terre Couture” exhibit.  This is pretty cool.  During the month of July, artist Luis Valenzuela asked folks for a pair of their old blue jeans.  The jeans were buried in soil all over the country for months.  When unearthed, he created a dress from the scraps that Tico wore flawlessly.  She is SUCH a beauty!  There were other sustainable fashions there as well, including a dress fashioned from those Little Pink Bags that Bloomies sells during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Also, legendary chef Norman Van Aken was there talking about his new cookbook, “My Key West Kitchen: Recipes and Stories.”  Of course you know Chef Norman, right?  He’s been a fixture in South Florida for many years.  He and his son, Justin, who was also there, co-authored this new book and even had samples on hand for folks like me to taste.  YUMMO!

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One Response to “EcoArtFashion Week VIP Kickoff Party”

  1. Miko says:

    I love the idea of reuse recycle/upcycle.. Really love the blue jean dress… :-)

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