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I’ve Added a New Line to My Resume–Fashion Stylist!


Workwise, I’ve had quite a few jobs in my life.  My first job was flipping burgers at McDonald’s in the VERY FAB Mazza Gallerie.  I’ve also been a professional Girl Scout, a Sales/Marketing exec, a this, a that, and an Indian Chief.  But, I’d NEVER been a Fashion Stylist.  Until recently.

My besties at Bloomingdale’s invited me to be a fashion stylist for a day.  How cool is that?  Here’s how it went.  I arrived at Aventura Mall and was introduced to my brand new Bestie, Dominique, with that HOT, edgy fashion brand, Karen Millen.  She showed me around the Karen Millen section of Bloomies and pointed out all of the cool pieces. LOVED KM.  I couldn’t believe that they are celebrating their 30th Anniversary.  In addition to clothing, they offer accessories, shoes, handbags, etc.

Then she introduced me to my AMAZING model, Becky.  Becky is a skyscraper tall model chick with legs that go straight to the ceiling.  We hit it off immediately.  I chose about 75 pieces and finally settled on a “colorblocked career look” with a black skirt, a bright orange blouse, and a blue/black cardigan.  I even scooped up heels and a bag.  It was so much fun!  I felt like I had my own personal Barbie doll to dress.

So, after she gets dressed, we went over to the makeshift photo studio in the middle of the sales floor.  Onlookers gathered to see what was going on.  A makeup artist from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics asked what kind of makeup I wanted on the model.  Perhaps my glazed over eyes gave it away–she worked her magic with VERY little input from me.

The photographer got into position and his first request bowled me over.  He wanted pics with ME and the model?  ME? Seriously?  I looked down at my sad jeans and top and then I figured, “I’ll be standing next to Model Chick.  She’ll divert folks’ eyes.”  So, I went for it.  In fact, for a moment, I was in touch with my inner Tyra Banks and I worked it.  I pulled from all the episodes of America’s Top Model that I’ve ever seen, which total about 3, and made sure my eyes weren’t dull and that my shoulders were relaxed.

After he shot a couple of me, Model Chick did her thing.  I am in awe of EVERYONE in the fashion industry.  Y’all work HARD!

Here are the pics–

Fashion:  Karen Millen Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Model:  Becky B., Runways/The Talent Group

Photography: BristolFoto

Makeup:  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Styling:  JEWEL FIGUERAS!!!!!!

How’d I do?  What do you all think?

Here’s video from Karen Millen’s AMAZING Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection:

Disclosure:  I was invited to participate in this event and given a FAB swag bag as part of the festivities.  I am NOT a stylist, I just played one once in Bloomingdale’s Aventura Mall.

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4 Responses to “I’ve Added a New Line to My Resume–Fashion Stylist!”

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    Adriene Johnson says:

    This is really cute.

  2. Cherri says:

    *tears* So proud!

  3. Fun, fun, fun! Love the color blocking and that bag & heels are killer!

  4. BlitzAndGlam says:

    You did a great job! I love the look!

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