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Fisker’s Art Basel Event


I’m often asked why my husband doesn’t attend more events with me.  The answer is actually quite simple–He’s really NOT interested.  Unless.  Unless the event involves something he’s really into–like cigars, or the Boston Red Sox, or some cool car.  So, no amount of coaxing could get him to go to most Art Basel events.  Unless the event was being hosted by Fisker.

So, of course I had no clue what Fisker was/is.  All I could think about was scissors–by the way, that’s Fiskars.  He was so excited that I surely didn’t want to expose my ignorance.  But, I guess my face gave it away.  He explained that Fisker was a sexy, plug in hybrid-electric car.  I should have figured. The event was called A Celebration of Karma, paying tribute to the name of the first model, and was held poolside at the Raleigh Hotel.

He got to meet Fisker CEO and Chief Designer, Henrik Fisker.  Henrik  is responsible for designing some of the world’s most iconic cars such as the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage, Artega GT and BMW Z8. There were also cocktails provided by one of his favorite whiskey brands, Macallananother brand I’d never heard of.

In all honestly, I actually had a great time at this event.  First off, one of my BEST besties was there, Jose Resendez.  So I got to chat and dance with him.  Then, television personality Nigel Barker showed up.  Jose and I talked to him for quite a long time about his recent documentary–Haiti: Hunger and Hope.  I was totally smitten with him.

As part of the Art Basel festivities, Fisker partnered with local artist Stephen Gamson, to create a one-of-a-kind Karma.  The car was on display and Mr Gamson was also on hand to talk about the creation.  Finally, as if all of this were not enough, Jakob Dylan performed.  While I knew that he was the lead singer of The Wallflowers, I had no idea that he was the son of Bob Dylan.  He performed a short set for the crowd.  And my husband was happy.

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    Oh, that sounds like a fabulous event and so fun that your husband went with you!

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