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General Motors Social Media Champion of the Year

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Last weekend, I attended a event that General Motors hosted as part of the South Florida Auto Show.  I’m always excited about seeing my GM family, so I moseyed on down and joined the merriment.  It was quite a nice affair–not that I was surprised, EVERYTHING with General Motors is first class and topnotch.

There was quite a spread, as well as an open bar.  They had invited many of my peers from South Florida’s social media scene, as well as local journalists, dealers, vendors and friends of the brand.  While we mingled, a slideshow of General Motors‘ grassroot marketing efforts in South Florida played on the big screen.  There were great photos of the famed Crawls, as well as all kinds of other community endeavors that GM has had a hand in.

General Motors also used the event to recognize some folks that have partnered with them on projects.  Imagine my surprise when the first award of the evening went to me!  Social Media Champion of the Year!  Me?  Seriously?

The local General Motors team acknowledged my work with them in such a humbling way.  I was so taken aback that when called upon to say a few words, I was actually speechless and mumbled something or other.  Of course, once I left the podium and had time for the whole thing to sink in, I thought of all the things that I wish I had said.  In fact, here’s what I wish I had said:

Thank you so much, General Motors, for this award.  I find it interesting that you are bestowing this gift on me, when I feel like I should be giving YOU a gift, instead.  You were the first big brand that believed in me as a blogger.  When I couldn’t get the time of day from any of your competitors and peers, you took a chance on me.  I will never forget it.

I think that you are one of the few brands that “get it,” with “it” being Social Media. You were never interested in a one time partnership.  You always looked at the long term relationship.  As you know, I’ve traveled the country with General Motors and met many of your leaders and executives.  I’ve also met many of your dealers and suppliers.  Their stories constantly amaze me.  I have much respect for you and look forward to what we will accomplish.  Together.  Thank you.

Other awards that evening went to my Partner in Crime and Boyfriend, Craig Agranoff of WorstPizza and FIU‘s Heather Radi-Bermudez, among others.

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3 Responses to “General Motors Social Media Champion of the Year”

  1. Adriene says:

    Congrats to you, I can’t imagine you not receiving this, I am going to have to talk to you on how AWESOME you are! You and GM are like Hotdogs and Apple Pie! It is wonderful that this company shows its appreciation for the people out here with GM on the brain, just from reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mary Henige says:


    Sending congratulations and hugs! Thank you for your lovely post. You look beautiful in the photos!

    Mary Henige
    GM Social Media, Detroit

  3. BlitzAndGlam says:

    Congrats, Jewel! That’s awesome!

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