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Graduation Wheels


I can’t say how proud I am of my last baby, my only son.  He’s graduating from high school in TWO weeks.  Wow, where did the time go?  It seems just yesterday that he was snot nosed and begging for money for the ice cream truck.  Now he’s clean shaven and begging to use my car.  See how things change?  But, I have to say that he doesn’t give me a minute of trouble.  I have friends with teenaged boys in the house and they go through i!  YOU HEAR ME?  GO.THROUGH.IT!  I’m sure I’ll be bawling misty eyed when he walks across that stage, thinking of how he’s grown up to be a great young man.  Great moments in life should be celebrated.

However, there are a million things to be done in the days before the celebration.  There are airport runs to pick up family members, graduation rehearsals, last minute shopping, and so on.  The wonderful folks at Cadillac have offered me the use of a brand new 2014 Cadillac ELR–their new plug-in hybrid compact coupe.  I can’t wait to drive it.  As you all know, I’ve been totally in love with the electric option in cars since I drove the Chevy Volt a few years back.  I was COMPLETELY smitten with it.

cadillac elr collage 2

Here are some of the features that I can’t wait to explore in the ELR:

  • Driver selectable modes, including a Hold Mode that allows the driver to choose when the car uses the ga.s powered generator and when it uses the electric battery.
  • Complete charging in about 5 hours, depending on the outside temperature (on 240v).
  • Scheduled charges where the driver can choose to charge according to departure time or when the electricity rates are lower.
  • Cadillac Cue with navigation–the cars infotainment system
  • Side mirror lights pulse green when the car is charging and go dark when charging is complete

cadillac elr collage

The inside of the vehicle looks luxurious.  I’m giddy just thinking about this whip!  I purposely didn’t ask what color they were bringing, as I want to be surprised when it gets here! Stay tuned for my thoughts on this vehicle.

Disclosure:  This loaner is being provided to me at no charge.  No blog post is required or expected.  All opinions are my own.

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3 Responses to “Graduation Wheels”

  1. Adriene says:

    This is nice, and congrates.

  2. Amanda says:

    Nice wheels!! That baby boy of yours will be arriving to graduation in style! Congrats to him, and to you and your husband, for raising such a great young man!

  3. A. L. Taylor says:

    You can place “bawling” back in there………cause yep, it’s coming. But seriously, congrats to your son for his accomplishments thus far and to you for bringing forth such a young man to be proud of!!!

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