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Have you had a Latin Burger yet?


If you are in South Florida, you may have seen the huge black and pink Latin Burger trucks around.  If you have seen it, next time stop and buy one–TRUST ME ON THIS.  If you haven’t seen it, then get on Twitter, follow @LatinBurger, find out where they are going to be next, and FIND THEM.  This is good eating. 

Now I know many of you aren’t into the lunch truck kind of food, but this is different.  Again, you have to trust me on this.  Just look at the menu–

  • Latin Macho–chorizo, chuck and sirloin burger, oaxaca cheese, carmelized onions, and jalapenos, topped with Ingrid Hoffman’s avocado sauce or red pepper mayo
  • Burger Beast–the same, but add pulled pork on the top

There’s also tacos, fries, and drinks on the menu.  YUMMMY!!

Though owner, Jim Heins, likes to stay in Dade, I was able to catch him very North at Peterson’s Harley on Saturday.  He sat and chatted with me while i wolfed down X number of Burger Beasts.  Of course, I beat him up about NEVER coming to Broward and he promised that if he finds a place, he’ll do it.  I’m on the lookout for a space myself–those burgers are addictive.

Jim tweets his locations throughout the day, along with how long he plans to be there.  You can also hire Latin Burger for your special event.  Your guests will love you

If you aren’t in South Florida, dont hate–he’ll travel!

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  1. Stumbled this fresh post, many thanks.

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