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I Got the Sonic Hook Up!!


I almost forgot a highlight of Driven to Dine.  Just before the auction, they handed out some awards to folks who had been of help in the planning and execution of the event.  One of the people that they singled out was “Steve from Sonic.”   Mind you, this was just the week after Chevy Road Trip, where I had devoured my very first Sonic burger.

After “Steve from Sonic” received his award, I went over to ask if he was from the same Sonic.  He was!  And he was so happy that I had enjoyed my Sonic burger so much.  He and his wife, Terri, were 2 of the nicest folks that I’ve met in a long time.  And of course, being a Honcho at Sonic wasn’t a bad addition to the equation. LOL

Anywho, Steve told me that they are opening a new Sonic at BeachPlace on Fort Lauderdale beach.  It should open this summer.  And it will be the very first Sonic that sells alcoholic beverages.  Wow, that brings Wet Willie’s to mind!

Well, I was so happy to meet “Steve from Sonic” that I tweeted about him and instantly, Steve had other local friends as well!  He was amazed by the power of Twitter.  I’ve got to get him on…He’s promised to keep me in the loop for the opening and I can’t wait to see him and Terri again! 

Can you say, “HOOOOK UPPPP!”

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One Response to “I Got the Sonic Hook Up!!”

  1. Dren says:

    Ohhh you’re about to start a long term relastionship with YUMMINESSS!!!!! Sonic ROCKS!!

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