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I NEED Your Tweets, Twits!


Tonight is the night.  THE NIGHT.  Nearly everyone who is anyone in South Florida’s Social Media community is participating in IKEA’s Capture the Flag Challenge. This is literally a scavenger hunt through IKEA tonight, after they close–scouting, searching, and assembling.  WHILE tweeting, checking in, and using your influence.  WHEW!  I’m tired already!

Here’s where YOU come in.  Right around 10pm EST tonight, each team will get it’s own unique hashtag that will be used to measure social media reach.  You should be following me @TheTinyJEWELBox in order to get the hashtag.  Once I’ve given it out, I’ll need you to tweet the heck out of it, while I’m running around IKEA like a banshee.

And, I’d like to introduce Jewel’s FAB Team!!

Toby Srebnik  @FSUToby Toby is a PR guy who I’ve worked with many times over.  He’s a self proclaimed sports nut and has such a competitive spirit.  It is my honor to have him on my team.

Shirley Waknin @swaknin Shirley is CEO of Pure Entertainment.  She manages musical clients.  She also owns a FAB froyo store on Sunny Isles, called Cravings.  Shirley is all over our logistics

Zippy Sandler @zipporahs Zippy is a Social Media QUEEN!  She blogs over at champagneliving.net and is a great friend and mentor.  That’s my Zip Zip!

Follow us for updates tonight.  Come on TeamJewel!!!

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One Response to “I NEED Your Tweets, Twits!”

  1. Adriene says:

    Good luck to you and your team.

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