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Interviewing the Ant-tourage from ANT-MAN!

Disclosure:  This interview was part of the Disney/Marvel press junket for bloggers.  Walt Disney Motion Pictures  covered my travel, accommodations and activities.  All opinions are my own.


This trio is called the Ant-Tourage of ANT-MAN movie–David Dastmalchian, T.I., and Michael Pena.  While Paul Rudd may have gotten top billing, these three definitely stole the show.  A few days after seeing an advance screening of the film in Hollywood, as part of the #AntmanEvent, I was part of a small group of blogger who got an exclusive interview with them.  This was one of my favorite interviews to date.  They played off of each other much like in the film.

Antourage 2

Here are some of my favorite parts from the interview:

*David talking about how he found out that he had the part

And I’ve loved comics my whole life.  And I want something that my mom can go to the cinema and watch and not be terrified ‘cause I tend to play some goofy guys. So I went after it and I created a voice and the character and then…I got to go to test.  So it was a very long process for me–2 auditions and then a test and then I got the part and then everything started to change…And then my Manager called me like 2 months after and goes, “Great news.  You’re going to Atlanta to, to test. And I didn’t understand what that meant and I had a newborn at home, and I was very frazzled, very nervous.  And I thought okay like I’m gonna’ go do another audition.  So I went to Atlanta…And I’m meeting everybody and I’m so nervous.  And I realize what they meant by that kind of test…I had the part! I was in!

*T.I. recalling how unimpressed his kids were with him being in the ANTMAN movie

Well, you know my kids are so uh–jaded.
ME: I’m going to work–I’m about to do Ant Man.  
KIDS: “Ant Man?  What’s that?”
ME:  He’s a Marvel character like the Avengers.  
KIDS: “Oh you’re gonna’ be in the Avengers!?”
ME: “No, No Im’ gonna’ be in the Avengers. Well I’m gonna’ be in Ant Man.”
KID: “Well I don’t know Ant Man.   Is Ant Man in the Avengers?”  
Me: “Well technically in the comic..”  
KIDS: “Okay well you gonna’ wear a costume?”
ME: No, not I’m not wearing a costume. Just forget about it!

Antorage Group

*Michael Pena talking about how their characters are just ordinary guys

What do you do with the thing that you’re good at? Are you gonna’ do something good in your life or are you gonna’ do you know what our past is for our characters? And I love that. I think that’s what makes these films great for audiences too and, and families.

I don’t want to give away any of the plot, so once the flick is out (on July 17th), we’ll talk a LOT more about these three.  Go see it!


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One Response to “Interviewing the Ant-tourage from ANT-MAN!”

  1. Adriene says:

    That is so cool! The whole trip seemed to be a success.

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