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Jelly Belly at SOBEWFF

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One of my favorite areas of this year’s Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival was the Jelly Belly space.  I absolutely LOVED it!  There were plenty of Jelly Belly products to sample and I ate my way through it.  It’s was a tough job–but I was elected to the position and I take my work very seriously!  And, it didn’t help at all that Jelly Belly was situated right next to the Trinidad and Tobago space, and they were making curried conk.  WHOA!

So, after I conked, I made my way over to sample the jelly beans.  Here’s the rundown on their offerings:

  • Cocktail Classics:  these included mocktail versions of things like Mojito, Peach Bellini, Strawberry Daiquiri and more..
  • Snapple Flavors:  including Mango Madness, Kiwi Strawberry and Cranberry Raspberry
  • Chocolate Dips:  YUM!  these included Very Cherry, Coconut, and Orange flavors

There was also an air of mystery as hundreds tasted and tried to guess the flavor of the Mystery bean.  Every time I tasted it, it was different.  Once I thought it was white chocolate, the next time I thought I tasted tangerine.  In the end, I have no idea.  LOL.  You can guess too, as they have a contest going on where someone could win $10,000!  The Mystery beans will be added to millions of specially-marked bags. Consumers enter online on the Jelly Belly Facebook page. The competition runs through the end of July 2013 with the  awarded in August 2013. The Mystery flavor beans are completely white, marked with red question marks.


And, if all of that wasn’t enough, there was a beach photo scene where guests could dress in silly beach attire and take a picture with Mr Jelly Belly.  As you can see, The Husband and I were absolutely game for this.  Jelly Belly President and COO, Bob Simpson is pictured as well, with his wife Carol.


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