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Jewel Dropped the Puck!


I do like sports.  I really do.  However, hockey is probably not one of my strong points–I’ve only been to 2 games in the last 10 years.  But, when my Ford contact called to tell me about a cool event at a Florida Panthers game, I was excited.  Why?  Because Ford had selected 5 finalists in a contest where one of them was going to take home a new Ford Focus.  The winner would be announced during half time of the game.  A new car?  That’s really exciting stuff, huh?  My plan was to get to know the contestants and get some great footage of the contest.  And, get a great video with the winner.  NONE of that happened.  Here’s how it went:

Well, my son and I headed over to the BankAtlantic Center and found our way to Ford’s suite.  They had asked me to be there a bit early and I never gave it a second thought.  Well, when I arrived, the Ford rep advised that “we had to go downstairs in a few minutes.”  I guess the confused look tipped him off.

Him:  Oh, they didn’t tell you.

Me:  Tell me what?

Him: (obviously amused) You’re dropping the puck.

Me:  Dropping the puck?  What’s that?

Him:  It starts the game.  Like the coin toss, in football.

Me: (even more confused)  Oh.  Is there any special skill involved with that?  Do I get to practice.

Him:  Umm, nope.  Gravity will help you.

We both laughed.  So, true to his word, we went down into the bowels of the game, where this “puck dropping” was explained to me in great detail by Panthers staff–“Walk down the red carpet.  Both team captains will come over to you.  Drop the puck.  One will pick it up and hand it back to you.  Both captains will shake your hand.  Once they do, turn and walk back down the carpet.  Once the National Anthem starts, come off of the ice.”

Ha!  I was so all over that.  The only thing that threw me was when the lights in the arena went off and the announcer boomed out on the mike, “Tonight, dropping the puck is local blogger, Jewel Figueras of Jewel’s Fab Life!”  Everyone clapped and followed my instructions to the letter.  Except I added my Princess Wave, and cursed myself for having on jeans and a tshirt rather than a Cinderella gown and tiara.

It was WAY COOL!  We get back up to the suite and everyone wanted to see the puck that I got.  I felt almost famous.

Then Ford Guy goes, “So, in another few minutes, we go back down to the ice.”  To which i reply, “What?  Am I dropping the puck AGAIN?”  He informed me that this time, I would be DRIVING a brand new Ford Focus out on the ice.  ME?  DRIVE?  ICE?  REALLY?  This is about the time that I nearly fainted.

So, here was the deal.  The five finalists would be on the ice to compete for the car.  And while they were competing, I would drive the car out on the ice and wave to the crowd–PRINCESS WAVE!  So I did it.  And it was fun.

This time, when we got back up to the suite, I asked, “AM I GOING BACK FOR A THIRD TIME?” When they assured that I wasn’t, I was actually a bit disappointed.  The Panthers fans LOVED ME!  I could tell!

Anyhow, I had a complete ball.  In fact, I was probably MORE excited at the end of the  night than the guy who actually won the car!  LUCKY ME!

Disclosure:  I was a guest of Ford Motor Company for this event.  All opinions are my own.

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3 Responses to “Jewel Dropped the Puck!”

  1. Adriene Johnson says:

    I love this! That had to have been soooo much fun.

  2. Cherri says:

    im bestie’s with a veleb!!! YOU ROCK

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