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Kicking it with GM Exec Vivian Pickard


Last month, the fabulous Hollywood Diplomat Hotel played host to the the National Convention of 100 Black Men.  Through my local Chevy contacts, I was invited to meet some of the General Motors execs that had come down for the gathering.  I was absolutely thrilled to meet Vivian Pickard, Director of Corporate Relations and President of the GM Foundation.  This sister has truly got it going on! 

We talked about everything from fashion to family to the GM lineup.  I found her to be inspiring and truly likeable–can’t wait to see her again.  Here are some of the highlights–

  • “What you see is what you’ll be.”–Vivian Pickard  She talked a lot of about growing up in Flint, Michigan and not having a lot of choices working in corporate America.  Her family is originally from Sturgis, Mississippi and she was only exposed to careers as school teachers or auto workers.  GM is the only place that she’s ever worked.
  • The GM Foundation focuses on 4 areas of giving–health and human services, environment and energy, education, and economic empowerment.
  • on the new products and lineup–“There’s a lot of momentum going on at GM right now.  Our new leadership is showcasing new ways of doing business, including new ways of marketing.  We are the NEW GM.”
  • on advising the new generation of women coming into the workforce–“Understand the passion for what you truly enjoy doing.  Whatever that is, try to get to a company that will allow you to do it.  Go for what your passion is, and the money will come.”
  • on balancing work and family–“You can not be Super Woman…Decide what you can do and what you can not do.  You may have to sacrifice financially and pay someone to do things in your home that you may not be able to do.”

This lady blew me away with her humble outlook on life.  I could sit and listen to her for hours.  I think she should write a book!

I also got to meet Araba Dowell (GM Communications Exec) and Rex Blackwell (GM Plant Manager).  These folks were the coolest!  I absolutely loved them!  And, lest I forget, I drove the new Buick Regal.  What a fantastic automobile!  All the bells and whistles at a very affordable price.  It quickly made its way onto my “Next Car Possibilities” list. 

After meeting these good folks—I am no longer surprised at how great my local Chevy contacts are–it seems to come from the top!

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