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Live Well, Laugh Often, Laundry Every Day!

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Disclosure: Presented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Whirlpool. All opinions expressed here are my own.

My nest is almost empty.  The one little birdie that’s still at home is a senior in high school.  One of the first household tasks that he learned was how to do laundry.  He’s been doing his own for at least 5 years or so.  The hardest part about it was teaching him how to sort his laundry and the washer/dryer settings for each load.  While he has the general hang of it, he still has an occasional question about a newly purchased item.

These days, I point him towards the new free Whirlpool WashSquad app and program.  It’s been a lifesaver for him, especially when I’m on a out of town trip. The app’s Stain Eraser feature tells him exactly how to get out specific stains, based on the fabric.  The Fabric Coach feature even deciphers all of those weird symbols that come on clothing labels.  How cool is that?


washsquad app

A lot of moms have trouble getting help on laundry day.  This app allows you to assign jobs to your family and keep track of their progress!  And, if you are using a Whirlpool washer and/or dryer, it even gives you the exact settings, based on your model.

I’m a woman of few apps, as I feel that while most of them are way cool, they have very little value in my day to day life.  But, my 16 year old son LOVES and appreciates this resource when I’m not available.  The #WhirlpoolWashSquad app is one of those that simply makes sense for me and my family.

whirlpool washsquad

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One Response to “Live Well, Laugh Often, Laundry Every Day!”

  1. Adriene says:

    I need this app, never could get a true grip on the laundry thing.

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