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Living Young in 2011


Remember Evian’s Live Young campaign – the one sparked by this viral video of dancing babies on roller blades. Well, Thursday night the campaign celebrated its Miami kick-off with an event called the Thrillist and Evian Art of Rock Gala.

When I arrived I was greeted by Evian rep and FAB chick Suzanne Matulay, who explained what the campaign was all about. Live Young is Evian’s movement aimed at inspiring and encouraging people to live their best life. Doing what you’ve always wanted is living young. Sounds like a great concept to me! Listening to Suzanne and seeing all the art, drinks, and people dancing – not to mention the two fab female DJ’s in the back – immediately excited my senses. I was ready to explore!

Where do I start? The location! The gala was held at the SOHO Arts Pavilion at the SOHO Studios in Downtown Miami, perfect location for such a fun and eclectic event. As I walked in, two things immediately caught my attention: the artwork and the gigantic pink box. The art display consisted of really cool digital images (I even scored a one-of-a-kind piece by cool artist, Nate Duval!) and the gigantic pink box was actually a video booth that became a platform for rocking out! Guests were able to put on a baby tee, jump in the pink box, and transform into total rock stars. What made it even better? Those who danced in the video booth were able to share their rock debut via Facebook and Twitter!

The Live Young campaign will also make its way to Los Angeles. Eclectic Method, the super famous multi-media musical group, will compile footage from both Miami and LA and turn it into fab music videos encouraging people all over to Live Young in 2011! When these music videos are complete, fans will be able to determine which city is the youngest at heart via Evian’s Facebook page

So what do you think? Do you plan on living young in 2011? I sure do!

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