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My First Facial (After Cancer)


Who loves a spa more than this girl?  Umm, that would be NOBODY.  For me, life can’t get much better than a darkened room, quiet music and an incredible spa treatment.  But, as with everything else lately, cancer tried to jack it up.  I’ve been BOMBARDED with warnings–Be sure the provider has training and experience with oncology patients.  Be careful with massages lymph node areas.  Get your doctor’s approval before having any treatments in the area where your cancer is.  Good grief.  Cancer truly tries to take EVERY bit of joy out of one’s life.   I haven’t even had a simple manicure since my diagnosis.

Well, that ALL changed last week, when I was invited into a spa that is dedicated to providing services to men and women with cancer.  Frankly, it sounded too good to be true.  But, I had to try it.  It’s in Boca and called the Spa Care Center.  During the drive, all I could imagine was something that looked and felt very clinical.  I wondered if it would have HUGE windows where folks could walk by and gawk at the “poor folks with cancer.”  Well, I was wrong on both fronts.

It was FABULOUS.  They was nothing hospital-like about it.  It looked and smelled enchanting.  And I hadn’t even had a service yet.  I met the owner, a  charming French woman.  She created this business after her parents were simultaneously diagnosed with cancer.  By the way, they BOTH beat it!  The family realized that there was a void in “feel good” products and services to folks undergoing treatment.  She came up with this concept and her facility provides services like areola re-pigmentation or repair with permanent make-up tattoo, oncology skin treatments, organic spray tans, massages, and manicure/pedicures.

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I decided to have a facial treatment, done by Dalia.  Can you say “HANDS FROM HEAVEN?”  It was divine.  And the products?  Well, they have partnered with a company that created herb rich tea.  Dalia brewed the tea in a french press, dipped the facial cloths into it and used those in the treatment.  She used the entire line of products, including serum, clay, balm and mist–all herb enriched.  For instance, the spray is made with rosewood, lavender, slippery elm, etc.  It has cooling properties and I have been using it, with great success, to combat those darned hot flashes that creep up on me all day and all night.  Dalia even included neck and arm massage.  I wasn’t uncomfortable at any point and there was nothing harsh included, like extractions.  I did NOT want to go home.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Spa Care Center for cancer patients, as well as caregivers.  They treated me like gold.  I actually may look into hosting something there, you all MUST see this place.  Its at 124 S Federal in Boca.  The phone number is 561-465-5070.

Disclosure:  I was invited to the Spa Care Center as a member of the media.  I received a complimentary treatment, however, all opinions are my own. 


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One Response to “My First Facial (After Cancer)”

  1. Adriene says:

    This sounds so nice, it is always nice to know of businesses that are in the business of caring for ones well being.

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