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My Signature Fragrance for Spring

purple iris

I’m one of those women that wears a fragrance forever.  I generally pick one and go with it until it runs out, whenever that is.  The only reason I have had the current one for so long is because I didn’t wear it much during chemo, so the bottle lasted a long time.  Since chemo and my new lease on life, I’ve needed something that really didn’t remind me of the last few months.  I wanted something that took me in an entirely new direction.  However, it’s only on certain days that I’m able to stand at a counter and audition fragrances, as my stomach is quite finicky and sometimes smelling too much isn’t a good thing.

But then, I got an invitation.  My friends at Santa Maria Novella invited me into their Bal Harbour boutique to choose one of theirs.  Now, everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of SMN, but I’ve never tried one of their fragrances.  I’m not sure why, but I just hadn’t.  I jumped at the chance.  In fact, I invited fellow blogger Rosy Cordero to assist.  I’m so glad that I had her help.  We must have tried 50 different fragrances. They have all kinds of scents–everything from Vanilla and Lavender to Musk and Patchouli.  Rosy and I came up with a winner.


How do I know it’s a winner?  Well, I gave it the ultimate test–my teenaged son.  Just this week, while I was getting dressed for jury duty, he asked, “Wow, what is that you’re wearing?  It’s smells GOOOOD!”  Done and done.

So, by now, you’re probably wondering–which scent did I choose?  It was the Iris Cologne.  Here’s what SMN says about it:

Long ago originating in Asia, this flower grew wild in Tuscany, so much so that it became the symbol of the city of Florence, and is sometimes erroneously called the ”Lily of Florence”. In the 1800s, Iris Florentina, also called ”Giaggiolo” in Tuscany, was widely cultivated for use in perfumes. Now the portion of its cultivation for use in perfumes is extremely rare. In mythology, Iris was the messenger of the Gods and the flower symbolized ”Majestic Beauty”. This is a sweet powdery scent, with a captivating hint of violet. An excellent day or evening scent.


So, if you happen upon me and notice my amazing fragrance, you’ll already know what it is.  You can go in and choose your own signature fragrance at one of the SMN boutiques in Bal Harbour, Chevy Chase, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City.  If you’re not in any of those cities, you can certainly order online.  And, stay tuned for an invitation to a great event that I’m hosting at SMN in Bal Harbour!

Disclosure:  I was provided this Iris Cologne fragrance at no charge, to facilitate this post.  However, all the opinions of Santa Maria Novella are my own. 

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2 Responses to “My Signature Fragrance for Spring”


    Rarely do I find on my world travels a person of such integrity and sense of honor and devotion that I find in Jewels. Each time I meet her I find something to inspire her or put a smile on her face and that gives me great pleasure.

    To now hear that her loving son also put a smile on her face using a product of ours makes me very happy and proud.

    Thank you Jewel for sharing this moment and for allowing me in my small way to brighten your day.

    My warmest regards

  2. Adriene says:

    You know I love, love, love different fragrances! What a wonderful son you have to even tell you that. You know how kids are!

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