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I Jumped in With Both Feet!



It really did sound like a good idea.  I had just scanned through an email inviting me, along with other local bloggers, to a fitness class.  I assumed that it was some new version of a dance like fitness class.  It wasn’t until about a week later when I got another email reminding me to get the socks.  What socks?  Socks?  Whaaa?  So, I then that actually READ the email.  Turns out that it wasn’t about dance at all, but it was a JUMP class–one that used Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes.  HUH?  And I needed long cotton socks for the JUMP shoes.  What the heck is a JUMP class?  Read more »

Be Yourself with Motions

jamaica I remember when my kids were young. They did exactly as they were told (sometimes) and everything was MY WAY. Then they got older and became adults. Now they do things THEIR way. And, I love it!  Everyone should be able to express their true selves.

One of the things I’ve stressed to them (and others around me) is Read more »

What’s Going On in Jupiter!

tiger woods harbourside place


Most of us in VERY South Florida only know Jupiter as an exit off of I-95, heading North.  Many of us have probably never gotten off there.   Jupiter is actually a pretty cool town.  Remember a few years back when I reported that it had been Read more »

Why Do Cancer Patients Give Up?

hospital hands

Right around this time last year, a doctor gave me the hard, awful truth–that I had a 1 in 5 chance of being alive in 5 years.  I remember looking at her incredulously, and totally dismissing her entire conversation.  After all, except for the very recent abdominal pain that I had experienced, I felt FINE–the pain was ONLY from my Mexico trip.  I thought to myself, “This chick is CRAY.  I will be alive in TWENTY years. I will be alive in ONE HUNDRED years.  YOU must not know ’bout me.”

But then, I met a few women on the same journey as me. Read more »

Julie Bowen Dishes on Planes: Fire & Rescue

julie bowen1

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Los Angeles was meeting Julie Bowen.  She’s the actress who plays the flirtatious Dusty in the new Disney movie, Planes: Fire & Rescue.  Julie is probably best known for her role on Modern Family, but she’s also done stints on other television programs, like Lost and Boston Legal.  I also loved her in the romantic comedy, Jumping the Broom.  As I found out when I took my turn in the voice over booth, voicing an animated movie is NOT easy. This chick does an amazing job with it, though.

Julie actually sat with our group of bloggers and talked about everything under the sun.  Here’s some of what she said–

*on how different it was to do Planes, as opposed to Read more »

I’m Going TEAL This Week!


Later this week, as part of my Advocacy Leader duties with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, I’ll be attending the 16th Annual Ovarian Cancer National Conference.  I’ll be learning what’s new in the world of ovarian cancer, getting tips for living with cancer and connecting with my fellow survivors, as well as researchers, advocates and health professionals.  The cool thing about getting together with other survivors is that we ALL rock teal (our cancer color) the entire time.

I did a short training session back in March, so I only needed a few items.  This time, I’m going ALL the way out!  Here’s some of what I’m taking with me:

Due to an unfortunate incident Read more »

I Am Not My Hair!

My Black is Beautiful

So, about 3 years ago, I made a impulse decision, less than an hour before I was to leave for the airport to go on a press trip.  I saw some scissors laying on my desk and just cut all of my hair.  I didn’t just cut it short, I cut it down to where I couldn’t grip it with my fingers.  I ended up stopping at a barber on my way to the airport.  After that, I never really looked back.  I prefer my hair to be cropped WAY close, but when I can’t find time to get to a barber, I end up with a couple inches.  Here’s what I looked like– Read more »

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