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Queen of the Blackberry Mafia

blackberry mafia

While I know that the rest of the world is enamored with Apple and it’s glorious iPhone, I’m still very much attached to Blackberry. So much so, that a few years ago, my husband dubbed me Queen of the Blackberry Mafia. I think the iPhone is cool, if that’s what you like. However, for me and my solopreneur needs, nothing works for me like my Blackberry.

And it just so happens that one of the sponsors and exhibitors of Hispanicize ’12 was Blackberry. Soon after the exhibit hall opened on the first day, I marched right up to Blackberry booth and introduced myself as Jewel–Queen of the Blackberry Mafia. They were amused–at first. When I started pulling Blackberry devices out of my purse and talking about things like Blackberry Fan Night in Miami, I got their attention. They soon realized that I was indeed serious. I ended up spending quite a bit of time at the Blackberry booth, bringing over friends and helping the Blackberrians (is that a word?) the world about the new lineup of products. And I absolutely fell in love with one of them, a gorgeous Latina named Merle. She’s a Territory Manager for RIM.  She joked daily about wanting to become one of my besties. One day, she even added herself to my Blackberry Messenger. She was very cool. And in the week after the conference, she BBM’d me about how cool my blog is. We also talked about getting together for lunch one day.

Just so happens that last Friday, exactly one week after Hispanicize ended, my Blackberry had a sudden illness that resulted in an almost immediate death. But, before it died, I was able to BBM Merle and tell her about the illness. She came to my rescue. Less than 2 hours after my initial call, my Blackberry Bestie delivered me a replacement phone–a NEW Blackberry Bold 9900, I might add.

It was in a handsome Blackberry backpack–one of the cool TSA approved ones, that let you leave your laptop in them while going through security. The backpack also had all kinds of Blackberry branded items in it, including a hat, a stainless steel thermos, a set of highlighters, and more. I was/am totally over the moon! The 9900 is amazing, I LOVE IT!

I know my readers. And some of you may use this opportunity to tell me why I should using an iPhone. If you are inclined to do this–DON’T. I’m NOT interested in having that argument with you. My stance is and will always be: YOU do what works for YOU, and I’ll do the same. So, in case you missed the moral of the story, here it is in a word–NETWORK. Meet people and cultivate relationships. While you may never be named Queen of the Blackberry Mafia, seek out those brands that YOU do love and let them know that you are an organic evangelist. They tend to love such brand enthusiasts. By the way, when I called my husband to tell him about it, he tweeted:

@TheTinyJEWELBox is Queen of the Blackberry Mafia. #ThatisAll.

Disclosure: I did receive the pictured items from Research in Motion. However, no blog post was requested or implied. The opinions are my own.

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6 Responses to “Queen of the Blackberry Mafia”

  1. I want to be the Princess of the Blackberry mafia. We would RULE the social media space! :) I cannot wait to get a new Blackberry phone. I’m just like you, I cannot live without my Blackberry!

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    Adriene says:

    OMG! My decision was so easy for my next phone five minutes ago. Now I need to rethink my options.

  3. BlitzAndGlam says:

    Love it! You are indeed the Queen of the BlackBerry mafia. The folks at BlackBerry are great. They have been kind to me and my blog. And I love what you said about not taking this as an opportunity to say why you should switch to the iPhone. That stuff really annoys me.

  4. Jewel says:

    OMG Caroline!

    I forgot all about that!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!

  5. Miko says:

    Can I get a I <3 BB products…I would have been crying for you too…like I had..when my BB broke. BB makes a great product, that almost anyone can teach themselves to use. I am so glad BB's Merle was able to come to your rescue!!

  6. Love it!

    You didn’t mention how she apparently makes the best French Toast…and that I am bestie-less now because of all this! Ha Ha Ha!

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