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Questions and Answers with Deidre Hall


A few weeks ago, award winning actress and all around FAB chick, Deidre Hall, breezed into town.  Deidre is best known for her award winning portrayal of Dr Marlena Evans on the long running NBC daytime drama, Days of Our Lives.  She played Marlene for nearly 30 years! 

After a really messy divorce, Deidre is back with a book called Deidre Hall’s Kitchen Closeup.  I caught up with her during the few days that she spent in South Florida.  Here’s what she had to say–

You’ve been in the public eye for decades now and seemingly, have changed very little.  You are as gorgeous now as you were in the 70s.  Can you tell me your beauty routine?  What products can you simply not live without?

Wow. Thank you.  My typical answer is that I really understand how to work with lighting and the lighting kept getting better, which happens to be true. I’m also told by fans that I look younger in person, which makes me wonder if I’m in the right business!! Having said that I–

 a. stay out of the sun.

 b. use a homeopathic sunscreen. Most commercial sunscreen contain chemicals that make their way into your blood stream and do more harm that good.

c. exercise every day and do not eat meat.

d. products? I exfoliate regularly and occasionally use a mint mask.

 It is not what you asked, but I use a deodorant that does not contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate, cook with only “safe” cookware, and drink and bathe in purified water.  Beyond that, my greatest beauty advice is get plenty of REST and avoid STRESS!

Like many women, you’ve had to start all over again after a divorce.  What did you learn about yourself during that initial “starting over” phase and what advise would you give to women who are going through that now?

Divorce is always very personal and agonizing. In my experience the help came from keeping the counsel of a small group of brilliant and caring women, never allowing my sons to hear or overhear any details of the proceedings, and keeping my eye on the final result. It’s important not to define yourself by the divorce or make it the center of your world, which it can tend to be. I put the divorce in a “box” in the corner and only went there when it was absolutely necessary. The rest of the time was spent in the caring and nourishment of myself and my sons. Keep moving through it. It does end. Remember that.

I picked up Kitchen Closeup expecting it to be a simple cookbook.  It was really so much more–a book of humor, and hope, and love.  What inspired you to write this book?

Closeup was 30 years in the making. My close pal, Lynne Bowman, and I have spent years at the kitchen table solving the problems of our kids, our friends, and the free world. We always meant to write the book (and many others) and had many a start with pen and paper, but the dog got out, Oprah! came on, or Cottage Living landed on the table. this summer we just decided to write it…and did! Truthfully, it’s the book I always wanted to read and, in the absence of it’s existence, we had to write it ourselves. Now we get even more time around the kitchen table and can write off the trip!!

 The book is available through Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble.

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