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Ready. Set. Cupcake!

Ready. Set. Cupcake!

While I love the the smell of oven fresh goodies wafting through the house, I do NOT like the sight of the wrecked kitchen that usually comes with a day of baking. My occasional craving for a cupcake usually ends in a trip to my favorite bakery. I walk in, choose from the displayed wares, and walk out. Pretty painless, huh? Unless you count that hefty price tag. I usually pay somewhere around $18 per dozen.

Well, imagine my surprise when, right there in my grocer’s freezer, I came across frozen, all natural, no mix, no mess cake batter and frosting. Yep, right in the freezer at Whole Foods in Aventura. It’s called Ready. Set. Cupcake! and is the brainchild of two longtime friends–Carolyn Shulevitz and Leslie Kaplan. Their company, Batter Up, is based right here in Miami.

So, here’s the deal:

  • Buy Ready.  Set.  Cupcake! in the frozen section of most local Whole Foods
  • Bring it home and freeze until you are ready to use it
  • Pull out the premixed batter and frosting bags and defrost
  • All you have to do is pipe using the enclosed tip, bake and decorate
  • Bake as is OR add your favorite flavor– from mint extract to peanut butter or guava and cream cheese the possibilities are endless
  • Call me to come over
  • Eat with reckless abandon!
  • The End.

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