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Shhhh! A Christmas gift is revealed…


Which person on your Gift List do you have the hardest time selecting gifts for?  For me, it’s The Husband–hands down.  He knows exactly what he wants.  Exactly.  The others on my list ask for something like “a tablet.”  He’ll ask for something like “an iPad.  White.  32g.  wifi + cellular.  2g monthly plan.  From Verizon.”  Sheesh!  So much for surprises!  But THAT is what I deal with when it comes to him.  So finding something, even as simple as a stocking stuffer, is time consuming.  But this year, I started early and had a plan–my secret weapon–RedEnvelope!

I’ve been using RedEnvelope since it’s inception, in the late 90s–mostly because it’s quick and painless.  I went to the site, chose For Him, and then tried to decided which section to browse first.  They have different categories:  Home & Office.  Sports.  Bar, Wine & Cigar.  etc.  I chose Electronics and Gadgets. The selection was vast.  It offered everything from a magnetic wristband that sells for less than 10 dollars to a diving watch that sells for almost 800.

I picked out 2 items that I thought were fitting.  After reading all of the reviews from other buyers, here’s what I finally ordered:

It’s a gadget charger for the car.  As you can see, it looks like a coffee cup, but has a USB and 2 AC outlets.  This is perfect for The Husband, as he has gadgets galore and can keep them charged on the go.  It was under $50 and, according to the site, it would arrive in a week.  Well, it actually arrived in less than a week and it looked ADORABLE. Of course, I unboxed it and tried it in my own car.  WHAT?  DON’T JUDGE ME!  I was testing it!!!  It worked great.  So much so that I will probably order myself one too!

I can’t wait to surprise him!  You still have time to surprise one of your loved ones.  Go to Red Envelope!  Oh, and if you need a coupon, here are some, just for you!

Disclosure:  I received the product shown, to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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