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Spring Awakening at the Arsht Center


Last night, I saw the Tony award winning musical, Spring Awakening. While I wasn’t bursting in anticipation of seeing it, I came out amazed. It was great! The message is that of enlightening our young people–and shows the consequences of not giving them good information.

However, this play is NOT for the timid, faint at heart, or prudish folks. There is brief nudity and it’s sprinkled heavily with profanity. This is an “in your face” type of production. It touches on things like incest, masturbation, homosexuality, abortion, suicide, child abuse, etc. Though I had planned to take my 18 year old daughter, I ended up taking my 13 year old son. While he found some parts embarassing and other parts amusing, I don’t think he got the big picture. It would have been much better for the older sibling. Do NOT take young children–COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE.

It’s set in 1890’s Germany and is told through the eyes of youth who know nothing of the ways of the world–One is completely traumatized by the onset of puberty and another can’t get a straight answer from her mother on where babies come from. Through soulful songs and glimpses into each character’s personal thoughts, the audience is mesmerized.

It’s at the Arsht Center through the 16th. Get tickets(starting at $25) here.

Disclaimer:  Tickets for my party were provided, courtesy of Spring Awakening

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