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Questions & Answers with Katherine Sarafian, Producer of Brave


On my recent trip to Pixar Animation Studios in San Francisco, I jumped at the chance to sit down with Katherine Sarafian, the producer of the upcoming and highly anticipated film, Brave.  A few years ago, she would have caught me off guard with her ultra feminine demeanor and gorgeous “just had a baby” body, […]

How Brave Came Together


Brave, the new Pixar film with the female hero, starts next month.  I was part of a group of bloggers that were invited to Pixar’s headquarters in San Francisco last month and shown quite a bit of  a bit of the unfinished film in the private theater at Pixar.  While seeing the flim was great, […]

What Was Your First Car?`

My First Car - Pitch!

Most folks have fond memories of the first vehicle that they called their own.  It matters not if it was grand or an old, decrepit jalopy (new school-ers  call them hoopties). I remember my first car fondly.  It was a brand new 1983 Chevy Chevette, much like the one pictured below, except in Candy Apple […]

Cars 2 Has a Female Producer–Denise Ream

denise ream

As you know, this blog is all about the cool places that I go and the amazing folks that I meet.  I met one such person while in Los Angeles for the Disney/DreamWorks blogger junket.  I got to attend the Red Carpet premiere of Cars 2 and met many of the voices and crew behind […]

Cars 2 Starts Today

New Image1

Are you planning to see it?  Even though I don’t have young children, my family ALWAYS sees the Pixar flicks because they are so well done.  In fact, my middle child is a Disney/Pixar fanatic.  She absolutely LOVES them.  It was only fitting that when we left her at college last summer, we also left […]

Disney and DreamWorks Invite Me to Be Their Guest!!

disney studios

A few weeks ago, I got a completely unexpected email.  The FAB folks at Walt Disney Studios and DreamWorks Studios out in Los Angeles were inviting me out for a visit!  I was completely floored.  You see, for my entire blogging life, I’ve heard about these FAB Disney junkets.  I’ve lived vicariously through the Twitter hashtags […]

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