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Inauguration 2013

2008 Inauguration

DC-area peeps?  Are  you planning to go to any of the 2013 Inauguration festivities?  How in the world do you choose which to go to?  The schedule is mind boggling! I’ve heard about all kinds of Inaugural Balls–one for members of the Armed Forces, all kinds of state balls, etc.  Then there’s a National Day […]

I’m a Digital Sister of the Year!


I first heard about and randomly signed on to Twitter in the summer of 2008.  Back then, there simply weren’t a lot of folks to follow.  But, also there was much less “noise.”  Most were using their Twitter voices to expand their brands and broadcast their messages.  One of the first Twitter voices that I […]

Add flavor to your holiday recipes with Winn Dixie

holiday tablescape

Some of the best cooks in the entire world are in my family.  I mean, seriously, we have some folks that THROW DOWN.  You have not had pork chops until my Mom makes you some.  You’ve never had potato salad like Aunt Butter makes.  Cousin Kevin‘s red beans & rice highlight is Louisiana roots.  And […]

Vacationing in my hometown

wash dc

Just this morning, the Hubs announced that he wants to take a trip to Washington, DC in January.  Since it’s my hometown, I’m ALWAYS up for a trip home.  He loves it there, but because of his work schedule, he doesn’t visit nearly as often as I do.  I immediately started looking at hotels, restaurants […]

The Elusive Scarf


About a month ago, the FAB folks at FRAAS sent me a gorgeous Fair Isle Infinity scarf, perfect for fall and winter–UNLESS you live in South Florida.  The day that it arrived, I cuddled with it and wondered when I would get a chance to wear it.  Well, as it turns out, the opportunity was […]

My First Kiss

first kiss

I shall never forget my first kiss.  He was a classmate from good ole Brightwood Elementary School in Washington, DC.  His name was David Betts and he was the smartest boy in the class (I’ve always been attracted to smart men). He’d invited me to his “birthday party” and it wasn’t until after my mom […]

What Was Your First Car?`

My First Car - Pitch!

Most folks have fond memories of the first vehicle that they called their own.  It matters not if it was grand or an old, decrepit jalopy (new school-ers  call them hoopties). I remember my first car fondly.  It was a brand new 1983 Chevy Chevette, much like the one pictured below, except in Candy Apple […]

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