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Talking Shop with Maleficent’s Director


In film making, the director is the central figure.  He is involved in every stage of the film.  In fact, it’s HIS vision of the story being told.  He works with the producer and screenwriter.  He also works with the cast, helping them to capture their roles and scenes.  He’s even active after the filming […]

Sharlto Copley is the Maleficent Villain

Sharlto 1

Every great story needs a villain–the bad guy!  In the new Maleficent movie, King Stephan is that villain.  Stephan is played by Sharlto Copley and he’s a South African triple threat–actor, producer, and director.  I thought his performance was brilliant in the film–his multifaceted character required him to be many different roles within the same […]

Timbaland Launches new liqueur


Whatever happens on South Beach STAYS on South Beach–unless it’s a product launch.  So, over the holiday, Grammy Award winning super producer Timbaland launched his new brand LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur at The Fontainebleau with a series of parties and iconic concert performances. The celebrity-filled weekend included poolside parties with delicious cocktails developed by the resort’s […]

Questions & Answers with Katherine Sarafian, Producer of Brave


On my recent trip to Pixar Animation Studios in San Francisco, I jumped at the chance to sit down with Katherine Sarafian, the producer of the upcoming and highly anticipated film, Brave.  A few years ago, she would have caught me off guard with her ultra feminine demeanor and gorgeous “just had a baby” body, […]

Rico Love Talks Reality TV and Living Your Dream


Anytime I talk to songwriter/producer Rico Love, it’s a pleasure and our chat this week proved no different.  I hadn’t seen him since his “over the top” birthday party back in December and it was great to just be able to catch up.  Here’s what he had to say… About his recent appearance on season […]

Brand New Bestie Spotlight on Rico Love

rico love

Let’s talk about songwriters.  Although I’ve never been one, I would assume that if your songs are hits, then you are successful.  Well, using that criteria, my new bestie, Rico Love, is successful beyond measure.  You see, in the Hip Hop and R&B genres, he’s smoking hot!  And, although you might not know his name, […]

Cars 2 Has a Female Producer–Denise Ream

denise ream

As you know, this blog is all about the cool places that I go and the amazing folks that I meet.  I met one such person while in Los Angeles for the Disney/DreamWorks blogger junket.  I got to attend the Red Carpet premiere of Cars 2 and met many of the voices and crew behind […]

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