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Holiday Party? Here I come! *GIVEAWAY*

holiday party

I’m heading to a Holiday Party this weekend.  As usual, I was at a total loss for what to wear.  It’s hard for me to balance the chic look that I want for the party, with practicality and comfort.  There’s also the delicate balance of not looking over or under-dressed.  But here’s what I envisioned:  […]

B Michael launching new collection at Macy’s

RED Collection Sketch

Surely, you’re familiar with B. Michael.  He’s a fashion designer.  Not familiar with his work?  Hmmm, let me help you out a bit.  Remember those FAB hats that Alexis Carrington and friends wore in the 80s television series, Dynasty?  THAT was his millinery work.  And since then, his creations have adorned bodies of the beautiful […]

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