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I’m a Transitions Ambassador


Back in junior high, one of my teachers suggested an eye exam for me.  She had noticed that I had a hard time seeing.  She was right.  I got my first pair of glasses and started a lifelong long/hate relationship with vision correctors.  Throughout my youth and young adulthood, I’d always deemed myself “too cute […]

Blacks DO Get Skin Cancer!

LP157_BLACK_3Q (1)

Disclosure:  The hat shown and mentioned in this post was provided to me to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own. Yes, I was one of those African Americans who believed that “we” didn’t need to protect ourselves from the sun because “we” were immune to skin cancer.  Boy, was I wrong!  The fact […]

Where Do You Keep Your Sunnies?

sunnies in the car

Do you wear sunglasses when you drive?  I rarely do, but probably should–the South Florida sun can be brutal.  Here’s a question though–Where do you keep your sunglasses, so that they are handy when you drive?  Sunnies are consistently among the top 10 items drivers carry in their cars, and accommodating this accessory has become […]

Let’s Hear it for the Senior Chicks!

model group

Ari Seth Cohen calls himself an “old lady expert.”  Four years ago, he started photographing stylish women that were 70+ in New York City.  He chronicles them in a blog, called Advanced Style.  He’s now compiled a collection of the photos in a book, of the same name.  The cover photo of the book is […]

What’s In My Beach Bag?

beach bag

Since I’m spending the week at the FAB Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, my plan is to lie on the beach. A lot. So, a well stocked beach bag is of the utmost importance. Some of the items in my tote are for sun protection, but most are just for convenience and looking cute. Here […]

Nordstrom Rack Opens in Aventura


Early last week, I got an email from one of my besties.  This particular bestie, Sharon, works in Event Marketing for Nordstrom, so I’m always excited to hear from her.  She wanted to invite me to the grand opening celebration for the new Nordstrom Rack in the Promenade Shops in Aventura.  YAY!  YIPPEE!  They had a lot […]

Bling! Bling!

photo 4

So, my friend Paula Wiggan of 6 Degrees Design kept talking about her friend, Pascale. Everytime I turned around, “Pascale this, Pascale that. Jewel, you HAVE to meet Pascale.” Finally, back in October, I agreed to meet Pascale.  The date was set.  All three of us would meet for lunch at The Cheese Course in […]

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