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Here’s how I’m doing…

So, for the last few months, I’ve made few appearances in public and when I have, many have noticed that I’m a svelte size 10 these days, having lost about 45 pounds.  I’ve heard the rumors about my health and I just felt that the time was right to publicly disclose what’s going on.  Here’s […]

The Path to Better-ness

I spent most of last week in the hospital.  Hospital visits are perfect for evil thoughts.  They come in the day AND the night.  It’s awful.  They told me that there’s no use in continuing to fight.  They tell me to give up.  They tell me that I’ll never win.  But then morning comes and […]

BistroMD Giveaway Winner!


For nearly a week now, I’ve been running a giveaway contest, sponsored by BistroMD.  BistroMD is a home diet delivery program that specializes in low calorie gourmet food. The online diet delivered to your door specializes in great tasting, nutritionally balanced diet food.  All you have to do is heat and eat!  The winner will […]

I’m Part of the Nutrisystem Nation!


Like a lot of  women my age, I struggle with my weight.  My struggle is made that much worse because just a few short years ago (like 3), I couldn’t keep weight on.  I felt like the guy in the Stephen King movie, Thinner.  It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a medical condition that I started […]

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