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Life@50+ National Event & Expo Comes to Miami!

I’m so excited that AARP is bringing their Life@50+ National Event & Expo to Miami this weekend!  I already know that it’s going to be a blast!  The days are chocked full of celebrity guest appearances—including Robin Roberts, the Movies For Grownups Film Festival, live entertainment and more. And, on top of the fun and […]

The Balancing Act


I’m always struggling with balance in my life. I try to work AND play hard, but most times I never seem to get around to the playing part. I feel like I’m always in work mode. Even when relaxing and watching television, my laptop is always a part of it. Recently, I decided to make […]

The REAL Awards

Esther Madudu

Many, many years ago I worked in the Cardiology Department of a Children’s Hospital.  While it may have been some of the most rewarding work ever, there was also a great deal of heartbreak involved.  Leaving work on Friday, waving to the cute little kids, and thinking about all the things that you needed to […]

Jewel speaks about Work/Life Balance


Ask yourself (and answer honestly):  How am I doing in each segment of life ? Can I give myself an “A+” in each category of my life or is something currently suffering?  How do I set priorities and make better use of my time? Well, I’m addressing these things and more when I speak about […]

I’ve Added a New Line to My Resume–Fashion Stylist!


Workwise, I’ve had quite a few jobs in my life.  My first job was flipping burgers at McDonald’s in the VERY FAB Mazza Gallerie.  I’ve also been a professional Girl Scout, a Sales/Marketing exec, a this, a that, and an Indian Chief.  But, I’d NEVER been a Fashion Stylist.  Until recently. My besties at Bloomingdale’s […]

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