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“TEA V” Break!

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What would you offer as a reward for good behavior for a foodie?  Food and drink, of course!  But what if the rewardee is yourself?  Hmmm…STILL food and drink!  I know this isn’t making sense, so here’s the scenario:

Due to chemo brain and just the sheer stress of dealing with a terminal illness and all that comes with it, I find it hard to write, to return emails, to simply focus.  I have a HARD time staying on task, most of the time.  So, I’ve started bribing myself–saying stuff like, “Self,as soon as you write your FIRST blog post today, you can have your morning snack AND turn on the television.”  Of course, Self starts the blog post and writes a few sentences.  Then, Self decides to check Facebook.  Twenty minutes later, Self figures that she may as well make moves on any pending Words With Friends Games.  A half hour later, Self returns to the blog post and writes a few more sentences—until Self’s phone notifies her that she has a new follower on Pinterest.  Of course, that requires a quick look.  And so forth and so on.  The struggle is REAL, y’all!

tea brewing

Once the post is written, (could be afternoon by that time) the reward is usually SO WORTH it.  Most days, it consists of a glass of iced tea and small snack.  I feel good about reaching for Bigelow Tea for a few reasons–

  • As a Navy Mom, I love that they are an American company.  In fact, they are America’s largest family-owned tea company, started 70 years ago.  They’ve also shipped more than 4 million tea bags overseas to the troops, through a program called Tea For Troops.  I don’t mind spending with a company that supports the troops.

tea bags

  • As a cancer survivor, I love that they blend a variety of traditional, surprisingly fun, and healthy ingredients – and never compromise on quality and taste. Bigelow also believes in freshness, which is why they use a special foil pouch to protect the tea from air, moisture and surrounding aromas.


  • As a consumer, I love that their products are available nationwide at Walmart.  How convenient is that?

So, it took me most of the day to write this post.  But I finally did get it up–so here’s my reward–a glass of Peach Iced Tea and some artisan cheese/crackers, all the while checking out the latest on CNN!  And I have plenty of tea left in the fridge!  Pour yourself a glass, grab a chair and check out more on Bigelow Tea’s flavors and brand history.  And–I have a question-tell me about your last glass of tea!





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2 Responses to ““TEA V” Break!”

  1. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through but I totally understand the way your mind works! I do the same thing. On days when I can’t seem to focus and get to work I reward myself as well! Whatever works right? I love this tea and I had no idea you were a Navy mama. I’m a Navy brat and Coastie wife and I love that they support the troops! I hope you enjoyed your reward.

  2. It must be so hard to concentrate with all the distractions, but I find that having my glass of tea next to me while I’m working (like now) keeps me grounded in one place. #client

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