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The Buick Discovery Tour-10 Cool Things!


A few weeks ago, I got an invitation to attend the Buick Discovery Tour that happened last weekend.  It seemed like a cool event–cars, food, celebrity chefs–what more could a chick ask for, right?  And, the FAB folks at General Motors also offered to give tickets to one of my readers.  After gathering all of the information, I drafted a blog post about the event and announcing the giveaway.  Quite a few people entered.  One of them, Jeff Zelaya, was VERY interested in winning.  He kept asking questions about the event and how a winner would be chosen, and when, etc.  So, when the random winner was chosen, and it was NOT him, I asked him to be my personal guest.  He accepted.  That was Cool Thing #1.

The night before, I got an email that there would be free parking at the Westin Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale where the event was taking place.  At this point, I was still thinking that this was a local grassroots type event where I would see a lot of familiar faces.  Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner to enter the hotel and there were DOZENS of Buicks lined up, along with dozens of uniformed attendants and a LOT of people everywhere.  That was my first indication that this was not your average local event.

There were hundreds of folks milling around the registration area and the FAB buffet spread that Buick had laid out.  I met up with my bestie Zip Zip, her brother, and Rob.  After a brief introduction, we were split into three groups.  My group headed to Cool Thing #2, a pastry demo with Chef Ben Roche of Chicago’s Moto Restaurant.  Ben set the bar way high by making Coconut Habanero Ice Cream and a DELISH S’mores Bomb.  It was simply amazing.  I have the recipe for the Bomb.  Let me know if you want it.

Next, we headed to the Best New Chef Module, where I met Cool Thing #3, Chef Hugh Acheson, the chef/partner of a LONG list of restaurants in the Atlanta area.  Hugh was most interesting guy, passionate about growing our own food, sustaining our own communities, and generally eating healthier.  LOVE THIS GUY!  He made a Roasted Carrot & Beet Salad with Feta, Pulled Parsley and Cumin Vinaigrette.

On to Cool Things #4-7–the 2012 Buick Lineup:

Jeff actually drove me around Ft Lauderdale Beach in the Regal and he absolutely loved it.  I see a new car in his immediate future.

Cool Thing #8?  Wine Expert, Michael Green who presented a condensed wine course in such an entertaining way that even a non-drinker like me was engaged.  Here’s part of his presentation:

Finally, the Main Event!  Cool Thing #9 Chef Michael Psilakis who owned a string of restaurants in New York City.  This guy ENCHANTED us with his tender stories of his childhood and his own son.  I dabbed my eyes more than once.  But then I took that same napkin and tucked it into my collar to sample Cool Thing #10–his Fried Pork & Beef Meatballs.  I will NEVER look at another meatball the same.

All in all, this way a GREAT event.  Thanks, General Motors!

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One Response to “The Buick Discovery Tour-10 Cool Things!”

  1. I’m with you on those 10, but I’d add a few more.

    Cool thing #11: meeting my new boyfriend Jeff Zelaya (oh yeah… I went there)

    Cool thing #12: Spending the day with some of the nicest people in the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better group.

    Cool thing #13: Jewel forgetting the chocolate bar from Jeff in my handbag (will I give it back?)

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