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The Chevy Volt Takes Miami


Yesterday, my friends at General Motors delivered a brand new Chevy Volt loaner to my driveway.  Yep, the Volt--the electric vehicle with extended range.  WOOT!  The FAB folks at GM often lend me vehicles, but rarely am I SO EXCITED about them.  Although I’ve done some Volt driving before, this will be my first extended period with it. GM says that the Volt is a true workhorse, so I plan to put it to the test.

They say that electric vehicles are the future and I do love the futuristic feel of the interior.  So cool!  This car uses electricity as its primary energy source and the gas engine as a backup.  Of course, this means that it needs to be charged.  My husband took care of it last night, but made sure that I knew that it will NOT be his nightly job.  I guess I’ll be charging it tonight.  <sigh> Did you know that charging the Volt once a day from empty to full costs about $1.50 and will consume less electric energy annually than the average home’s refrigerator and freezer units?  ME LIKEY!

I have a million things to do in the next couple weeks and the Volt will be my partner through it all.  Here are some of the places that we’ll visit:

  • Today, we’re visiting my bestie Angelique Torrelonge at her FAB fur salon, South Beach Furs.  You’ll LOVE her stuff!
  • Tonight, we’re headed to the grand opening of Crave, the new dining destination in the Village of Merrick Park.
  • Tomorrow, we’ll be checking out the new Ft Lauderdale headquarters of C&I Studios, talking about a new, “secret” project.  SHHHH!
  • Thursday, we’ll be in Coral Gables for lunch with Hispanicize and then checking out the new blo Salon in Midtown.
  • Friday, we’ll follow Dwyane Wade all over town,as he makes the season bright with his annual series of community events.

And THAT just takes us to Christmas Eve!!!!  Whew, I’m tired already!  Stay tuned for our adventures.  And be sure you’re following me on Twitter and Facebook for up to the minute updates.

Check out this short video about how the Chevy Volt works:

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2 Responses to “The Chevy Volt Takes Miami”

  1. Jewels that Chevy VOLT was FAB-HOT girlfriend and I LUUUVVVVV that electric RED, you wear it well girl! Thanks for stopping by South Beach Furs to chat with Angelique about her fabulous collection and the new addition of the animal prints to the line for the upcoming season. I mean really Jewel, Florida-Furs, Who Knew? South Beach Furs, The NEW Choice in Faux-Furs…FEATHERS. The look and feel of real fur but they’re as light as a feather. Thanks again Jewels and Merry Christmas to you.


  2. Adriene says:

    Absolutely Fabulous!!!

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