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The First Seasons: Scandal, Missing, GCB


ABC’s Spring Lineup this year included a few series starring strong willed women.  For those of us who missed an episode or 2, I’m giving away a Gift Pack that includes the Complete First Seasons of Scandal, Missing and GCB on DVD.  Here’s a synopsis of each:

Scandal is from the creator (Shonda Rhimes) and executive producers of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  It’s a drama revolving around the life and work of a professional crisis manager and her dysfunctional staff. A former consultant to the President, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) dedicates her life to protecting and defending the public images of America’s elite.

After leaving the White House, the power consultant opened her own firm, hoping to start a new chapter – both professionally and personally – but she can’t seem to completely cut ties with her past. Slowly it becomes apparent that her staff, who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, can’t quite fix the ones closest at hand –their own.

In addition to complete episodes, the DVD contains bonuses like:

  • Scandal: Setting the Pace – This insightful piece allows fans to meet the cast of the show as they share their experiences playing such interesting roles and working on a show created by Shonda Rhimes.
  • Scripting Scandal – Scandal’s storylines are both riveting and topical. In this piece, fans will meet the show’s writers and their inspiration, Judy Smith, who the lead character is based on. Also included is a conversation with Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers as they discuss the process of writing such a compelling show.
  • Gladiators in Suits: Casting a Series – In this exciting piece, audiences have a chance to hear from Shonda Rhimes about how the production chose just the right actor for each role. The piece includes a look at screen tests and seeing the actors’ excitement upon learning the news that they’d been cast in the show.

Missing is the story of Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd).  Her son disappears while overseas for a summer internship, she takes it upon herself to travel to Europe to track him down.  It soon becomes clear that Becca is no ordinary soccer mom, but rather a former CIA agent deactivated after the devastating death of her husband.  If she wants to find her son alive, Becca will have to rely on old friends…and old enemies…thus reopening old wounds.

The Missing DVD bonuses include:

  • Missing: In Action – Viewers join Ashley Judd and executive producers Greg Poirier & Gina Matthews, as they look at the genesis and production of the international project.
  • On Location: Inside Istanbul – Audiences will get to see firsthand what it takes to shoot an international television production when the cast and crew show how they broke language barriers and borders on location in Turkey for 12 days.
  • Deleted Scenes – Now fans can delve further into the “Missing” mystery with seven never-before-seen deleted scenes

GCB is from the creator of Sex And The City and the writer of Steel Magnolias.  It’s a deliciously fun, wicked new drama that shows a girl can go home again…but only if she’s ready to face the sins of her past.

DVD Bonuses:

  • Bigger in Texas –Fans can watch the transformations the actresses go through from hair to makeup, and more.  Costume designer Robert Blackman leads a show and-tell that highlights each character’s unique look.
  • Living Large – Stars Annie Potts and Jennifer Aspen, and production designer Denny Dugally, take viewers along for an exclusive tour of the world of GCB, showcasing how the Texas spirit is vividly brought to the screen each week with detailed authenticity.
  • Preaching to the Choir – Fans will enjoy a visit to the set and a conversation with Kristin Chenoweth, Miriam Shore and the rest of the cast as they sing and share insight as to why music is so important to The Series.
  • GCB: Most Likely To… – This piece offers fans the opportunity to get to know the cast in this irreverent collection of thoughts from the team behind the show. From “Best Dressed,” to “Class Clown,” fans will See what the cast really thinks of one another.
  • Audio Commentaries – Cast members Leslie Bibb, Mark Deklin and Brad Beyer join producers Bobby Harling, Gretchen Berg and Aaron Herberts as they offer unique insight.
  • Bloopers and Deleted Scenes

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5 Responses to “The First Seasons: Scandal, Missing, GCB”

  1. miko says:


  2. Danni says:

    GCB was cancelled but we’re working to get it back with the largest petition in television history!!! Go to saveGCB.com sign the petition and share with your friends!
    Thanks for the review!

  3. Kari says:

    I loved Scandal! Interesting plot and the chemistry between Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn was hot!

  4. Jessica p says:

    I really like Scandal the best but I enjoy watching them all :)

  5. A.L. Taylor says:

    I hope I did everything right. I REALLY want that Scandal DVD set:) Thanks for the opportunity!!!

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