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The Mouselimo Safari


Last week, I went on a safari. I saw the largest herd of zebra outside of Africa. And lions fighting over a hundred pounds of meat. And a giraffe nursing her young. And all the while, I was in a stretch four-door yellow VW Beetle that was dressed as a mouse. Hmmm…I wasn’t dreaming–I was on the Truly Nolen Mouselimo Safari at Lion Country Safari, up in West Palm Beach!

I had never heard of Truly Nolen when I moved to South Florida, but it’s a huge company. It’s one of the largest family owned pest control companies in America. They have over 80 branch offices and many franchises. I see the cars often–little VW bugs dressed up as mice, complete with mouse ears and whiskers. They’ve been dressing up the bugs since the 60s. They have 2 Mouselimo as well, complete with flat screen televisions and a bar for entertaining. Who knew??

We made our way through Lion Country Safari, trying to gauge what the reaction to the Mouselimo would be to the live animals. A lot of them looked at us curiously, giving us the wild animal version of the *side-eye*. Some didn’t even give it a second thought, as if seeing a Mouselimo was an everyday occurence. Most were afraid though, and took off running in the other direction. I had a great time–thanks Truly Nolen & Lion Country Safari!

Check out the slideshow–

Disclosure:  I was invited to participate in this event by Truly Nolen and Lion Country Safari.  I was afforded admission into the park, and a cute goodie bag.  All opinons are my own.

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