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The Ritz Wants to Take You Under the Sea

RC Grand Cayman- kayaking

Looking for a salt water adventure?  Ritz Carlton Hotels have teamed up with Jean Michel Cousteau to offer some way cool eco-adventures, explorations and excursions.  Their award winning program, called Ambassadors of the Environment, has just launched at the Ritz Carlton, St Thomas, as well as Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve in Puerto Rico.  The program was already in place at the Ritz Carlton, Cayman Islands.

I am way interested in some of the offerings, including:

  • Mangrove & Dinosaur Wonderland (St Thomas) Explore the mysterious world of mangroves. Discover how mangrove trees protect coastlines from erosion and how they support an amazing diversity of wildlife. Our most brave participants will get the opportunity to feed our resident population of living dinosaurs (green iguanas), getting to know them up close and personal (measured in inches).
  • Take Pictures, Leave Bubbles (Dorado Beach) Learn how to use digital cameras with waterproof housings to capture your view of the underwater world. Once we return from our underwater adventure, digitally enhance your favorite shots and use them to create a moving slideshow to take back home.
  • Night Snorkel (Grand Cayman) With flashlights, we take the curious and adventurous on the excursion of a lifetime to discover the fascinating world of the reef at night


The program emphasizes education and respect for environmental sustainability and showcases the diverse biological character and cultural heritage of each destination while fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for nature. The experiences are  guided by expertly-trained naturalists and offers comprehensive selection of recreational activities for children, adults and families of all ages.

Let’s go, huh?

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One Response to “The Ritz Wants to Take You Under the Sea”

  1. When are we going? I think that should be your next “crawl!”

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