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We Won! We Won!

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Last night was EPIC.  It went down at the IKEA store in Sunrise.  Eleven teams of 4 competed to win the first annual IKEA Capture the Catalog Social Media Tournament.  My team, aptly named Jewel’s FAB Team, was up against teams from the Miami Dolphins and the Sun Sentinel, as well as teams made up of other local social media influencers.  A LOT of my peeps were there!

IKEA really rolled out the red carpet.  They started us off with a lavish buffet and promptly at 10pm, the race began.  Each team had to complete 10 challenges in order to be able to win.  But, once you were in the ring to win, they counted the Twitter impressions of each team’s unique hash tag to determine the winner.

The challenges were INTENSE!!!  First of all, the clues were all written in riddle form.  After we figured out what we had to find, then we actually had to go find it.  IKEA staff manned each station.  They told us what the challenge was and made sure we did it correctly.  ONLY after finishing that challenge did they give us the next clue.

Some of the challenges:

  • Find the bunkbed built for 6 and take a picture of all team members planking on it together
  • Put together the craziest lamp that you’ve ever seen
  • Eat 20 of IKEA’s famous meatballs, finish chewing and let the IKEA staff member do a mouth check to be sure u swallowed

ALL the while, you had to tweet and retweet while crisscrossing the store and running from floor to floor.  Of course, my team worked well together.  Everyone had a role and kind of stuck to it.  We finished the challenges in just over an hour and used the rest of the time to get in more tweets.

Finally the awards were announced.  The entire contest garnered over 8 million Twitter impressions.  Of that 8 million, the unique hashtag given to my team had over FIVE million.  WOOT!  WE WON!  WE WON!

Thanks so much to my team mates, and also to the FAB folks at IKEA, Exposed PR & Events, and C & I Studios.  And THANKS TO YOU!  Thanks to EVERYONE who supported us with tweets, retweets, and kind words.  LOVE YOU ALL!

Disclosure:  I was invited to enter a team into this competition.  We received many prizes during the challenges and generously GAVE these to the 6 people who came to IKEA to support us as cheerleaders.  We won $5000 in IKEA gift cards, which we divided equally among our team members.  All opinions are mine, as well as the CHAMPIONSHIP CROWN!  WOOT!

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4 Responses to “We Won! We Won!”

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    I had sooooooo much fun being your cheerleader. Thanks for the prize

  2. Congrat! Sounds so exciting, I am sad I missed it!

  3. Adriene says:

    WOW!!! I am so happy for your team.

  4. Claudia says:

    We had so much fun competing against your team and the others! All in all, nobody stood a chance against your fab team, but it was an awesome time nonetheless.

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