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What’s In My Bag?

Disclosure:  Some items were provided to me for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.


Last year, I couldn’t believe that I went through the holiday season on chemo.  This year, I can’t believe that I’m doing it again.  This SUCKS.  SUCKS.  But, I can’t put it off any longer–it’s time to pack my chemotherapy bag.

First of all, here is the bag that I’m using for chemo this time around. I got it as a gift from the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance.  I had admired it on fellow survivor (and Broadway star) Valisia LeKae’s twitter page and they reached out to me AND sent me one too!


Now let’s talk about some of the things that go into my chemo bag.  Since I’ll be at the infusion center for at least 5 or 6 hours, I need to be sure that I have all my essentials, as well as things to keep me busy.  Here’s what I pack.  Keep in mind that I never fully unpack the bag, but rather just keep replenishing it’s contents.

I’m usually cold in medical settings, so I generally have a blanket that stays in my bag.  Last year, I had a really cute Vera Bradley blanket that my friend Merle gave me.


But this year, I have a new one.  Last week, my son came home from a shopping trip with a new chemo blanket for me.  I love it–it’s even my cancer color–teal!


Since there’s NOTHING to do but wait, I also try to take a lot of reading material.  Fellow cancer survivor, Jeff Fortson of Jeffcars.com, recommended Chicken Soup for the Soul:  The Cancer Book to me.  I haven’t even started it yet, so it will be fresh for chemo.  As an avid Kindle user, you might ask why I didn’t get it in electronic form.  Here’s why:  If I’m going to use it as a reference tool, I usually get the physical copy–so that I can mark it up and even lend it out.


These LG Wireless headphones are simply amazing.  They fit very comfortably around my neck and they are connect to both my phone and my laptop via Bluetooth.  So, they allow me to listen to music, watch movies, and even take phone calls during chemo without having yet another cord hanging around.  I LOVE them!


Just a few weeks ago, I got this new Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 at the Microsoft Store.  It’s both a laptop and a tablet.  LOVE it!  The infusion center has free wi-fi (SCORE!!) so I’m able to connect to the internet.  Don’t be surprised if you see me posting from chemo! Wait.  Did I mention that it’s small!  Yep.  11.6 inches. and light as a feather.  My last laptop was 17 inches and HEAVY!  I’m loving it!


Chemotherapy is HARD on the skin.  It’s also hard on the lips.  My chemo bag has at least 2 sticks of my FAVE lip balm–LypSyl.  I LOVE it because it’s made with things like beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter.  The HoneyBerry flavor gives me life!


My friends at Walt Disney Motion Pictures heard that I was about to undertake chemo again, so they sent me a care package of blu ray films.  Here’s what I got!


In addition to snacks and a change of clothes, I always want my feet covered.  For this round, I’m using these cute Geluxury Slippers.  The sole is made of gel that is infused with mineral, avocado, canola, jojoba, grapeseed, and other botanical oils.  They are made to both repair and rejuvenate your skin, if you wear them for 20 to 30 minutes, at least twice a week


So,  I’ve shared chemo bag with you.  What’s in YOUR bag!








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One Response to “What’s In My Bag?”

  1. Adriene says:

    I like your bag, it holds a lot. You are prepared for Chemo. It sucks huh? You seem to brighten up every situation, you are the best!

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